'Solo' Mark Alban Lotz

Solo performance on the family of flutes (piccolo, concert-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, prepared flute, voice, flutophoon) and electronics. Compositions and improvisations in contemporary music, pushing boundaries of conventional performance. An ongoing quest which blurs the limit between traditional and experimental sound. Including the ‘Bass Flute Sequenzas’ – sound explorations within the pipe of the bass flute. The compositions mostly contain improvised sections or are conceptualized, arranged improvisations with use of electronics, peculiar 'microphoning' and extended techniques and voice. This is not a not a cerebral show by a virtuoso on flutes. ‚Solo Flutes' takes you to a universe of serene sounds, surprising sonic expression and textures, partly matched with dynamic manipulation of live recorded or pre-recorded sonic material. 

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 Solo Flutes is a result of an assignment for 10 solo compositions from the Dutch Performing Arts Society. This CD gets very high acclaim by the international press and radio. Live broadcasts for the Dutch Music TV show Vrije Geluiden and the Dutch radio program Mijke & Co Live from Sugarfabric Amsterdam.

Solo Flutes TV broadcast Vrije Geluiden television program (march 8, 2015)

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Airplay all over the globe with specials from Croatia to Colombia, Taiwan to Turkey. Composed music for the silent movie 'South', documenting the Endurance expedition to the South Pole by Ernest Shackleton (1914–17). Held masterclasses & workshops in Turkey, Taiwan, Germany and Portugal for Conservatories, Universities and Festivals.

Performances a.o. in New York City, Istanbul, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Toulouse, Madrid, Lisboa, Taipei, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Calangute.

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Solo Flutes TV broadcast Vrije Geluiden television program (march 8, 2015)

More  from Vrije Geluiden: Interview (in Dutch)

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Dear Moth Dear Moth (excerpt) bass flute

PVC Mantra PVC Mantra (excerpt) pvc contrabass flute

The Fish On The Dry The Fish On The Dry (excerpt) bass flute sequenza

Whisper Alap Whisper Alap (excerpt) alto flute

As-Sahra-Ash-Sharqiyah As-Sahra-Ash-Sharqiyah (excerpt) concert flute

Whole Steps Whole Steps (excerpt) alto flute

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Solo Flutes TV broadcast Vrije Geluiden television program (march 8, 2015)

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“With use of electronics, extended techniques and voice, Lotz painted a colorful portrait of intense beauty that reflected his life in jazz, classical and world music. (Newsmantra, India 2017)

Lotz impressed solo. He had pulled all his whistling out of the closet and using brief electronic effects and applying his voice – blowing, sighing, support, whine, growl, grumble – he created a classic looking, fascinating sound-game. The monks from the high mountains of Tibet were not far away.” (Draai Om Je Oren, The Netherlands, 3/2014)

Interview Musica Jazz (Italy)

On CD Solo Flutes

„It is among the best I have heard this year in terms of musicality and creativity.” (CKUT, USA)

“Add the name of … Mark Alban Lotz to the very short list of flute virtuosi who can single-handedly animate a recital.” (The New York City Jazz Records, USA)

„An absolute must as it is a real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.” (Jassepoes, Belgium)

„Pure Genius.” (Flute Focus, UK)

„One hour solo flute, looks on paper quite dull, in practice it is extremely exciting and varied. And do not forget one thing : this is not heavy avant-garde, in the first place this is primarily just tremendous music!” (Moors Magazine, Holland)

„You gotta have either a) chops b) chutzpah or c) perfect timing for a horn player to successfully do a solo album. Flautist Mark Alban Lotz throws down the flute gauntlet, and pulls off an impressive salvo.” (Jazzweekly, USA)

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