Opduvel on The Wroclaw Sessions

The most striking cover on the album is “Song of Delilah”, from the film “Samson and Delilah” from 1949.

Holly Moors On The Wroclaw Sessions

“Lotz belongs to the absolute top of the improvising flute players.”

Concerto (Austria)

“One of the most outstanding virtuoso on the flute.”

Clifford Allen on ‘The Wroclaw Session’

“Very strong music. I’m quite hooked.”

Polish JazzBlog Spot

“The Wroclaw Sessions is a stellar example of musical chemistry.”

The Soundtrack Of My Life (Israel)

“An absolute must for Jazz flute connoisseurs.”

Jazzflits 5/2019

“Lotz and his companions strip the numbers until they have recovered its essence.”

Cadence (USA) on Live At JazzCase

“Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest.“

Uni Kulturni Magazine

“unforeseen became a deed”

Spontaneous music tribune

“Emerging in the crucible of interspecific explosions and earthquakes.”