Lotz Of Music @ Beauforthuis

“Delicate sound festival.”

Best Of 2019

Twice in the ‘Best Of 2019’ at New York City Jazz Records magazine

KUUB solo flutes

“Mark Alban Lotz is a world phenomenon on the flute, a creative miracle of contemporary flute music.”

Freie Klänge Magdeburg

“Completely new listening experience and imagination.”

Taiwan 2018

Tour Taiwan 2019 (TIIF)

Mark Lotz Solo China

Solo and other gigs in China, HK, Taiwan (2015-2018)

The New Indian Express

article on Tour India 2018

India Photos

Concerts 2016-2018

Draai Om Je Oren (JazzCase)

“Limits simply do not exist here.” (on Lotz Of Music)