Jazzword on CD Live at JazzCase

“Proper combination of backbeat and lyricism is emphasized during eight Lotz compositions.”

Jazzism (2/2019)

4 star review for the Live At JazzCase release

Cadence (USA) on Live At JazzCase

“Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest.“

Uni Kulturni Magazine

“unforeseen became a deed”

Spontaneous music tribune

“Emerging in the crucible of interspecific explosions and earthquakes.”

Salt Peanuts

“Lotz Of Music has become his own sonic lab that transcends classical and contemporary chamber music.”


great review by Jazz.pt on Live At JazzCase

HIS Voice on Live At JazzCase

The album is totally decadent!

Jazzflits 2019

They literally create their own playground.

All About Jazz On Live At JazzCase

Combines a chamber-music aspect with a basic danceability.