some Hanne Bee drawings

Birgit Lotz Verlag
Site of my father. Author, collector and book publisher. Lotz Verlag is specialized in discographies (a.o. a Mark Lotz Discography)

Music: World Series
(2001-2012) world music concert series (I co-managed)

Floris Scheplitz
photographer (his fotos are featured on this site)

weekly free improv concert series in Utrecht till 2011

site of artist Hanne Bee
my aunt who decided to become an artist at the age of 60 (Great left handed drawings!)

fabulous interactive site of guitarist, composer, inventor, instrument designer and font designer Hans Reichel

Erich Lotz
my grandfather and writer

Record labels

LopLop records
foundation and record company. Home of many of my CD releases

Evil Rabbit Records
independent label with improvised music features my latest two CD releases

Random Chance Records
NYC based label featuring our Globalistics, Pum’kin Diaries and Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes albums

Sharp Wood Records
independent label with a.o. re-releases of the famous Hugh Tracy Series with East/South/Central African music