Introduction to Bansuri and North Indian Music

friday may 24th • 15.30-16.50 o’clock

by Mark Lotz

This workshop gives a little introduction on the Indian Bamboo flute (Bansuri) and it’s music. It is a very practical workshop, you will blow a lot on your own instrument.

The workshop gives

  • a little demonstration on the flute, its scale and technique (I’ll have many Bansuris with me which you can try)
  • a little explanation on a simple Raga, its scale and path
  • a call and response happening (accompanied by sheet music and electronic tanpura/tabla)

This instrument and it’s music is pure magic. I am just a little student myself here but dare to give a short introduction to people who have no clue. The Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam has Bansuri, Indian music in their program.