I feel privileged to participate in many different ensembles. During the years within a immense variety of styles and settings. They come and go and make for an artistic interesting and rewarding experience. I learn a lot.

Rogier Telderman's Tryptich (piano & 3 horns)

Chris Potter Tentet (ensemble for Europe)

Giovanca (Pop ensemble led by Antilian vocalist Giovanca Ostiana, only large ensemble)

Wouter Hamel (Jazz/Pop crooner)

David Patrick Tentet (crossover over classical with jazz music)

Tablatronic (crossover of Indian music with beats)

Mehmet Polat Trio (crossover of Turkish with other musics)

Sandhya Sanjana (Indian cross-over)

Miros Move (chamber music ensemble led by pianist Paul Maassen)

Daayra (Pop ensemble led by Hindustanic vocalist Raj Mohan)

Kamil Erdem Quartet (Turkish cross-over, I wrote half of the repertoire)

The Hague Ethospheric Orchestra (Jazz Orchestra)

Raj Mohan Ensemble (light classical Indian music)

Iman Spaargaren Septet (Jazz Septet)

Estrella's Guajira (All Cuban ensemble with Country music)

Galilee Grooves (Israelian cross over led Haytham Safia)

Projecto Paulinho do Violao (Brazilian ensemble led by cavaquinho player Marijn van der Linden)

Seafood (free style ensemble with beats led by Alan Laurillard)

Vistar (Indian/Jazz crossover led by vocalist Raj Mohan)

Shai'rana (crossover of music and poetry led by vocalist Raj Mohan)

Utrecht DeepArtment (ensemble led by drummer Michael Baird)

Utrek City Improv (Utrecht based octet led by drummer Michael Baird)

Bass Quartet (quartet of only bass instruments led by bassist Tony Overwater)

Nederlands Fluit Orchestra (flute orchestra led by Jorge Carjevschi)

Zuiderzee Orcestra (large ensemble with conducted improv led by Alan Laurillard)

Beat Sharks (weird dance music ensemble led by composer Alan Laurillard)