Avantgarde Duo

Michael Baird, Mark Alban Lotz Duo

A duo which performed in concert (1995-1997), did recordings for the 'Pavilloen – project – De wereld barst van de idealen' (1995) by artist Marijke Nielen from Utrecht and the project 'Bons' with which Baird also published a cassette and  is featured with two tracks on the Michael Baird's CD 'On Remote Patrol' (1997).


A new content of a very old old musical form by Baird and Lotz. Both not bothered by stylistics and equiped with a lot of fantasy. The result is music of two individualists which is inventive and imiginary.



Foundling (Baird) Foundling (exerpt)

Line up

Michael Baird (Zambia) – drum set, pipes, gongs, bells, miscelanious instruments

Mark Alban Lotz (Germany) – family of flutes, didgeridoo, mouth-harp, voice, prepared flute