Cross over Turkey/The Netherlands

Kamil Erdem Quartet (2007-2011)

This quartet initiated by Erdem and Lotz had spinning wheels in Holland and Turkey with performances a.o. at the Anakara Jazzfestival, International Music Festival Ankara, ISKV & Nardis Istanbul, Tropeninstitute, Amsterdam etc. Its debut CD Odd Tango (AK Muzik, Turkey, 2008) got much critical acclaim.

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 Odd Tango (exerpt) Cok Traffik (exerpt) Ol' Bosperus (exerpt) Yeni Kopru (The New Bridge) (exerpt)


The path from the Balkan to the Middle East crosses many borders. Despite the geographical distance the music is closely connected: Ottomanian, Byzantinian and Anatolian roots, Balkan beats and Oriental scales form already for centuries an amalgam of related traditions. In the steaming metropole of Istanbul musicians like Kamil Erdem and Fathi Ahiskali connect these old traditions with contemporary influences. Together with multiflutist Mark Alban Lotz and Schotisch Rhythm and Sound wizard Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves they form an exciting quartet balancing between tradition and trends, composition and improvisation, east and west.

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“Integral team-playing and virtuos solo’s.” (concert review Volkskrant, 2008, The Netherlands)

“Bit by bit this piece of work is growing into a rock of intruiging actual music. Who knows maybe even ‘the’ jazz of the tweentyfirst century.”  (Mazzmuzikas, Belgium)

“Wringing glissandi on top of a steaming groove.” (Volkskrant 2009, The Netherlands)