This initiative of Mark Alban Lotz combines the collective free improvisations of video maniac VJ Soundshadow, sound freak Michael Baird, beat addict Alan Laurillard and flute virtuouso Mark. Their concept has commonplaces between pop rooted styles as noise or drum ‘n bass, improvised music, Afro groove and the natural but intense visual material of Soundshadow. Their sound and visual collages take you on an engaging and overwhelming sonic trip. Concerts in Utrecht, Eindhoven, etc.

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TiffNoiZe: “Is schizophrenia the final finishing line or merely a stop-off the way to “superior” mathematics? Flashing tones, shifting harmonies and coloured rhythms, electrifying drum ‘n bass beats penetrate jodel-chanting in red and descend into the low tones of the contra-bass-flute. Jungle rhythms, ecstatic improvisations confronted with silence in yellow – combine naturally into flowing aspik. Is it just an intimate meditation on the ultimate orgasm or rude boyish tricks?”