Avantgarde Jazz Duo

Tjitze Anne Vogel & Mark Alban Lotz

t(w)o-do (1991-2001)

A duo of two musical adventurers which made extensive Tours in Germany and had quite a thing going on.  Their concerts and debut CD 'mostly harmless …' released on Edition Collage 1994, EC 470-2 (Georg Löffler Musikverlag, München, Germany) was very well received.

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Sophisticated Lady Sophisticated Lady (excerpt)

Wihjt Waits For Weights Wight Waits For Weights (excerpt)

Weird Walsje Weird Walsje (excerpt)

F.M.G. F.M.G. (excerpt)


'T(w)o-Do' consists of flutist Mark Alban Lotz from Berlin, Germany and bass player Tjitze Vogel from Utrecht, Netherlands. Point of departure for their musical cooperation are their own compositions as well as some of the Jazz Avantgarde classics of the recent decennia.

The application of extended techniques (percussive elements, circular breathing, multiphonics, voice, electronics, etc.) and the use of the whole family of flutes (piccolo-, c-, alto-, bass-, contra bass flute and other miscellaneous flutes, like the dijiridoo or the flötophon) enables 'T(w)o-Do' to create a practically unlimited variety of textures. These they explore in their flexible sound collages and structures ranging from songs to fairytales.

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Apart from performing in concert 'T(w)o-Do' has realized several projects with dancers and painters; in cooperation with Sculptor Elselien van der Graaf it created the the multimedia performance 'noisiVision'; it conducts workshops, recorded music for the TV animation film 'Klinkende Verhalen' by Metropolisfilm, VPRO, provided the music for the short Film Elsewhere (by Australian film director Madeleine Blackwell), recorded for international radio and performed on TV (Ned 1., NL)

line up

  • Mark Alban Lotz  (piccolo, c-, alto, bass-, and contra bass flutes, voice, electronics, mouth harp, percussion and the flötophon)
  • Tjitze Anne Vogel (bass)

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“Brilliant performance.They juggled with the musical material with a dreamlike security.” (Schwäbische Post, Germany)

“Not a boring moment with T(w)o – Do!” (Frankenpost, Germany)

“The mixture of sound colours is overwhelming, as the gift of the musicians to permanentely spout with new ideas.” (Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands)

“Irrwitziges Jazzfest der kleinen Art.” (Freies Wort, Germany)

“The delight is in their whispers, song, echoes of the wind and expression in sound.” (Dr. Bert Noglik, Germany)