An encounter of three world musicians in an a magic sound, organic ritual and spiritual trance. The sound African cora in combination with Indian tabla simply is mesmerizing, adding Indian bansuri you truly get a magic sonority, intimacy and dynamic. The music reflects Africa, India, Jazz, improvisation but above all the audience is taken along in a story of the celebration of life.

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This Trio was initiated by the ‚Music: World Series‘ for a series of 'untamed' music in 'Rasa', Utrecht. I was asked to collect two multifarious colleagues around me and treat the audience to an unexpected and unrestrained meeting. Prepared that same afternoon: the recipe for unbridled adventure and pioneering experiences! Our encounter felt for us like coming home. The enthusiastic response by the audience gave us proof that we have to move on as a Trio and we do!

Lamin Kouyateh (Gambia) – African cora, vocals
Sandip Bhattacharya (India) – Indian tabla, vocals
Mark Alban Lotz (Germany) – Western piccolo, c-, alt-, bass-flute, Indian bansuri, electronics