Mark Lotz/Korhan Erel Duo

A fresh collaboration between two contemporaries in improvisation and composition, merging influences from diverse musical and sonic backgrounds. Computer sounds and textures played with various controllers come together with a vast selection of flutes and playing techniques to create an energetic flow of spontaneous ideas. Mark Alban Lotz and Korhan Erel generate a sparse and elegant atmosphere of surprise and tension as they communicate through tones, sounds, textures and noise.

Toured Holland (2011) with as guests: Han Buhrs, Robert van Heumen, Wolter Wierbos, Eric Boeren. As duo featured on three tracks on the CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th. Concert performances in Istanbul May 2013 with a.o. Paulo Chagas, Fernando Simoes, Nuno Morao, Sumru Agiryürüyen, Paulo Duarte, Caglayan Yildiz. In october 2013 they initiated a project called 'IstanPOOL', a collaboration of Dutch with Turkish improvisers. Collaborated in Berlin with Nicola L.Hein (guitar), Frank Gratowski and Gebhart Ullmann (saxophones, clarinets) in 2014.

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Mouthtrap Mouthtrap (excerpt)

Mouthstrap Mouthstrap (excerpt)

Throat Throat (excerpt)

Line up

  • Korhan Erel – computer, controllers, sound processing
  • Mark Alban Lotz – piccolo, c-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, prepared flute, flötophon, voice, bansuri

"But the most beautiful snapshots are between the assets of the flutist and Korhan Erel: between aboriginal winds and an electronic gargles some strong ideas are accomplished here." (Le Son Du Grisly, Canada)

“The interaction is extremely solid, spirited and filled with surprises twists and turns.” (Downtown Gallery, NYC, USA)

“Listening you become aware that here some substantial music is being made.”(Tim Prangers, Jazzscene, Jazz International Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

"It is difficult to separate the electronic breath abrasions; persistent alchemy signing the strong bond between Lotz and Erel. 'Mouthstrap' and its synthetic ringing evokes a Tibetan temple revisited by musique concrete. A disc without concessions, which opens a bright window on musicians to follow with great interest." (Citizen Jazz, France 9/2014) 

"To most striking interactions specifically count Lotz flute within the electron bombardment of Erel, above all, the animalistic tracks ‚Throat' and Mouthharp’." (Bad Alchemy, Germany 12/2014)