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Lotz Of Music is a creative vehicle for the improvisations and compositions of flautist Mark Alban Lotz. A group of modernists performing music on the cutting edge of contemporary and improvised which has released 8 CD’s on German, Dutch, Belgian and American labels. New CD ‘Live At Jazzcase’ released january 5th at Negocito Records!.

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Five unique and some of Europe's finest musicians contributing their own brilliant musicianship without predetermined sequence in playful movement. An explosive combination within an almost classical instrumented chamber music setting setting with prepared piano, cello, squeaks and flutes (with added electronics). This group transcends the classical chamber music and jazz genre. Combining influences from contemporary, avant-garde, jazz, world- and minimal music with ambient and fearless exploratory, experimental music. Despite all the urgency, the music is refreshing and you find a lot of fun in that universe of serene sounds. 

Continuing going strong in new music, beauty, creativity and new settings. Our new collaboration with Swiss clarinetist, improvisator, composer Claudio Puntin present electronicaly spiced sets which is a new direction in Lotz Of Music. A Live CD of our premiere is published 2019 at Negocito Records.

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Performed for national and International radio; toured Europe and Cuba; recorded the soundtrack for the Rolf Orthel documentary 'Antartica – A Ticket To Eternity', performed within the Soapera Pendant La Nuit, is price winner and released 6 CDs for US and European labels. Collaborated a.o. with Don Byron (USA), Claudio Puntin, Videojockey Soundshadow (A Dutch View On Fish), Sandip Bhattacharya (India), Javier Campos Martinez (Cuba), theater director Eric De Vroedt (Pendant La Nuit).

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The Bathyscaaf The Bathyscaaf (excerpt)

Jellyfish Lullaby Jellyfish Lullaby (excerpt)

Waiting For Prey Waiting For Prey (excerpt)

Franz Franz  (excerpt)

Habidi Brown Fish Habidi Brown Fish (excerpt)


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Mark Lotz & Lotz Of Music  (VPRO broadcast)


… what is happening in the deep sea. An exciting world full of strange sounds, tones and effects. Translated into a visual, colorful, playful and very persuasive sound. If the term world music did not exist, he would have to be invented for this purpose.
Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands)
\"Five free spirits in an exciting collaboration. Surprising, urgent, visionary.\" (Mark Lotz meets Don Byron)
Draai Om Je Oren
\"… flautist Mark Alban Lotz who gave the most impressive concert. ... breathtaking beautifull!\" (Mark Lotz Meets Don Byron)
Neuburger Rundschau (Germany)
\"A stimulating and vital mixture of all manners of playing jazz. \'Lotz Of Music\' offers creative variety in this all too often dusty, formalistic world of jazz.\"
Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
\"This is the time of discoveries in Jazz.\"
Bonner Rundschau (Germany)
\"\'Lotz Of Music\' is improvisation at it\'s best!\"
Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands)
\"Lotz en Freeman impress at the SJU Jazz Festival 2005. ... The band (Lotz Of Music) played an enormous subtle fascinating set.\"
Cadence Magazine (USA)
\"This doesnt sound all that strange ... this is a unique blend!”
CMJ New Music Report (NYC USA)
\"... they\'re going to make some real noise.\"
Fuldaer Zeitung (Germany)
\"Swinging and adventurous music in a boisterous package.\"
Het Parool
\"Focus on colours with Lotz Of Music. The Highlight of the SJU Jazz Festival.\"
KZSU, Zookeeper (USA)
\"Oh, how awesome is this... It’s fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a \"brim-bram.\" ... Very cool.\"
Max Magazine (Urkraine)
\"Incredible sounds and intonations of under water life.\"
Jazzpodium (The Netherlands)
\"Is this still jazz? ... no but greatly performed music where the joy of playing is blasting off.\"
\"A great whisper concert! The Quartet of Mark Alban Lotz was one of the highlights of the SJU Jazz Fesival.\"
PBS (Australia)
\"A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field.\"
Brabants Dagblad
\"Here you hear how to make the most beautiful music within the most unthinkable instrument setting.\"
Jazznow.com (UK)
\"... can\'t say enough good about this one either. Lotz, as ever, wields an estimable selection of flutes and melodic hooks (first time out of the mailing envelope, I played the opening, highly Stravinsky-esque \'Cowboy Game\' eleven times in a row.\"
Rick Congress (Random Chance Records)
\"... a fresh, global and oddly beautiful sound!\"
\"Another winning session from Lotz, a quirky Dutch flutist who likes to incorporate plastic, rubber and glass sounds into his music. Lotz’s flute work is bright and agile, twisting energetically over the band’s varied, cool-toned but always adventurous settings, from bop to enigmatic abstraction. Good, creative stuff.\"
Jazzdimensions (Germany)
\"The music is as iridescent and colorful as the biography of multiflautist Mark Alban Lotz. A collection of great miniatures ... toy instruments and \'objects trouvés\' make \'Cowboy game\' a sound jewel.\"
The audience of the ‘Sound Of Europe’ Concert (2011)
\"Very special, truly beautiful! You can not explain this: You have to experience this live!\"
TAZ Bremen (Germany)
\"A very original performance – executed with smart elegance.\"

on Lotz Of Music feat. Don Byron
“Five free spirits in an exciting collaboration. Surprising, urgent, visionary.”  (Draai Om Je Oren , 2012)

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