Spheric music on the edge of pop, jazz and country in a haunting dialogue of three individuals.

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'm-m-m' is a meeting in chamber music which takes you to an immersive magic trip of in unconventional new music and lyrics. The combination of the flutes of Lotz and the voice of Snijders create an otherworldly, atmospheric surrounding. This is combined with an irresistible desire to transport the music in depth and beauty.

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Next to their original repertoire ‚M-M-M’ present compositions of John Dowland, Sara Siskind, Dolly Parton, Michael Moore and others which will take you by surprise. Profound musicianship is combined here by three creative minds with a plain, human sense of humor and a lot of joy of playing.

Franz Franz

Nine To Five Nine To Five

This Is My Face This Is My Face 

Nistru Song Nistru Song

Dear If You Change Dear If You Change

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A performance can be extended with percussionist ‚Alan Gunga Purves’ – our professor in ‚Squeekology’.

Line Up

Marieke Snijders (vocals, piano)

Mark Alban Lotz (piccolo, c-, alto-, bass, pvc contra bass flute; Indian bamboo flute)

Marco van Os (acoustic bass)

optional: Alan 'Gunga' Purves (percussion)

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