Mark Lotz & Islak Köpek

Islak Köpek is a free-improvisation ensemble based in Istanbul Turkey, here teaming up with flutist Mark Lotz from Holland.

May 2010 flutist Mark Alban Lotz had the chance to enter the serene universe of Islak Köpek. The mutual sensation of this collaboration resulted in their debut CD ‘Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th’. The vast sound palette of Lotz’s flutes and imagination merging within the disciplined improvisations and keen esthetics of Islak Köpek make for quite an experience. Their CD gets a lot of attention by the media and radio. Latest performances were at the Borusan Concert Hall 2011, Istanbul and Gitar Cafe 2013 Istanbul. Next project is within 'IstanPOOL'.

Islak Köpek is collective from 4 up to 6 musicians performing with multi-flutist Mark Alban Lotz.

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Us (Islak Köpek/Lotz) Us (Exerpt)

Stop (Reigle/Terzioglu/Lotz) Stop (full)

We (Reigle/Davis/Lotz) We (Exerpt)

Scared (Reigle/Lotz) Sacred (Exerpt)

Throat (Lotz/Erel) Throat (Exerpt)

Line up

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(each one with a former lineup of Islak Köpek)

  1. CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th. 2011. Mark Lotz & Islak Köpek. Amsterdam: Evil Rabbit Records, ERR-016. Liner notes by Kevin Whitehead.
  2. CD One Year Later, Two Years Ago. 2009. Istanbul: Re:konstrukt, RE-19-20.
  3. CD Islak Köpek. 2008. Istanbul: A.K. Müzik, AK-802. Liner notes by Halil Turhanlı.

Islak Köpek continues to perform with local and international musicians, dancers, and visual artists in venues such as Gitar Cafe (, Babylon, and Borusan Music House. Since May 2006, its members have produced a program about free improvisation and free jazz, called “The Other Jazz,” which is broadcast on Açık Radyo ( every Sunday from 17:00—18:00. Their guests in the studio have included Christian Asplund, Richard Nunns, Chris Cutler, Jürg Solothurnmann, Senol Küçükyildirim, Mark Lotz, Hoca Nasreddin.

The band members participate in many side projects. They have produced solo albums and performed in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.


The original lineup of Korhan Erel, Şevket Akıncı, Volkan Terzioğlu, and Volkan Ergen (percussion) gave their first performance in May 2005. Following a series of performances at Galataperform and Jazz Cafe, Dirk Stromberg (electric guitar) and Robert Reigle (tenor saxophone) joined the band in January 2006. Ergen left in the summer of 2006 to pursue other musical interests. They played at the Transit Improvisation Days with Le Quan Ninh and dancer Kirstie Simpson, followed by a sold-out concert at the Akbank Jazz Festival in September 2006. Stromberg left the band in 2007 to teach in Vietnam. The remaining four members continued playing and recording, sometimes with guest musicians such as Richard Nunns, Christian Asplund, and Olivier Germain-Noureux. Notable performances include participation in the Body-Process festival A.M.B.E.R. and the second Transit Festival. Gökcen Dilek Acay (violin) joined the band in 2008 and remained until the end of March 2009. Cellist and composer Kevin Davis joined Islak Köpek in February 2009 until his return to the US in July 2010. Cellist Gülşah Erol and guitarist Giray Gürkal joined the band in January 2011.

“An evening of tentative improv from German flute player Mark Lotz and Istanbul band Islak Köpek.” (Mojo Magazine, UK)

“Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit. (This music is slithering and shaking with life.)” (Monsieur Delire, François Couture, Canada)

“For all I feel it’s profoundly humane, for all I know it doesn’t hold any barriers of culture, race, language, religion, time and space. A democratic and universal form of personal expression and communication.” (Free Jazz Alchemist, Poland)

“Fresh music, beyond every barrier, including electronic, electric and acoustic, between composed and improvised, classic and avant-garde. … everything seems to regain a new vitality and current.” (Mescalina, Italy, CD rated Best of 2011)

“Connection of different inputs from newest live-electronics up to John Cage and Free Jazz.” (Jazz, Swiss, rated the 4 stars)

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