Møde is a unique collaboration of two Portugese modernists with two outspoken individuals from from Denmark and Germany/Holland. A creative platform of some of Europe's finest modernists exploring a new world for a interactive acoustic quartet.The music with its serene sound threads its way through the unforseen, following an unpredicted path drifting from up the North to the South. Celebrating life with a rare and dense intensity. 

When Nelson Cascais and Mark Lotz met in Portugal in 2015, both instantly felt the urge to form a band together. In João Paulo Esteves da Silva and Martin Anderson they found two artists of the same mindset eager to cover new grounds together. 'MØDE saw it's premier at Hot Club De Portugal in june 2018 and created magic within their three day stay there. Music of now, slithering with life.

Mark Lotz (Germany/Holland) • flutes, Bansuri, fx
Nelson Cascais (Portugal) • bass
João Paulo Esteves da Silva (Portugal) • piano
Martin Maretti Andersen (Denmark) • drums, percussion


João Paulo Silva
Legendary interdisciplinary artist who is poet, composer, etc. Worked a.o. with Ricardo Rocha, Carlos Bica, Cláudio Puntin, Samuel Rohrer, Jean-Luc Fillon, Peter Epstein, Ricardo Dias, Dennis Gonzalez, Vitorino, Sérgio Godinho, Filipa Pais, Ana Brandão, Maria Ana Bobone, Cristina Branco.         

Nelson Cascais
Collaborations with a.o. John Ellis, Maria Schneider, Aaron Goldberg, Perico Sambeat, Ricardo Toscano, Maria João, Rick Margitza, Libert Fortuny, André Fernandes, Jorge Reis, Ivan Padduart, Antonio Faraó, Kari Ikonen, Jorge Pardo, Jarmo Savolainen, Stefanno D' Anna. Designated Jazz Musician of the Year 2001 by jazzportugal.net.

Martin Andersen 
Musical dynamo with very expressive playing. Toured and recorded with a.o. Lew Soloff, Perico Sambeat, Bill Dobbins, Jesper Nordenstrøm, Leroy Jones, Mads Vinding, Danish Radio Bigband.          


Mark Alban Lotz
„Mark Lotz is more than just a big voice in the European jazz scene. He is at the forefront of jazz, classical and world music and is obviously enjoying every minute of it!“ (Jazz, USA). Worked a.o. with Chris Potter Tentet, David Tronzo, Don Byron, ’Anga’, David Haney, Najma Akthar, Han Bennink, Ernst Reijseger or the wet boys from Istanbul ‚Islak Köpek‘.