CD 'Bite!' CD-Bite!-coverby Lotz Of Music

19 tracks of underwater music (their project 'A Dutch View On Fish') performed by the serene sounds of Lotz Of Music. A Dutch View On Fish featuring the electrifying sounds of the Brim Bram! Recorded 20&21 November 2008, Fattoria Studio, Osnabrueck Germany. Mixed & mastered by Micha de KanterReleased February 2009, LopLop Reords Llr 028. 

This CD is dedicated next to Jacques Picard to the memory of our friend Lysander Lecoultre who died januari 29th, 2009 in Amsterdam, shortly after the release of this CD.


Jellyfish Lullaby (Purves/Lotz) Jelly Fish Lullaby (exerpt) 

Habibi Brown Fish (S.Kruger) Habibi Brown Fish (exerpt) 

The Bathyscaf (Lotz) The Bathyscaaf (exerpt)

Fields Of Garden Eels (Lotz) Fields Of Garden Eels

Waiting For Prey (Lotz) Waiting For Prey (exerpt)

Get Along With Mating Squid (Lotz) Get Along With Mating Squid (exerpt)

Coral Lives! (Veenedaal/Lecoultre/Purves/Lotz) Coral Lives! (exerpt)

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Musicians Mark Alban Lotz (c-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, bansuri), Lysander Le Coultre (cello), Albert Van Veenendaal (piano, samples), Alan Gunga Purves (brim bram, percussion)

Tracks cornywater music, habidi brown fish , chasing the clownfish, fish jive, get along with mating squid, going down, fields of garden eels, bite!, tell me everything, oops swallowed, electric eel lullaby, waiting for prey, of royal herring, in love?, the bathyscaaf, seahorse duet, jellyfish lullaby, coral lives!, this fish


“Fresh, entertaining and uplifting music.” (All About Jazz, USA)

“A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field.” (P.Merret, PBS Australia)

“Oh, how awesome is this… It’s fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a ‘brim-bram’ … Very cool.” (KZSU Zookeeper, USA)

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