CD-Blues For Yemaya-cover'Lotz of Music in Havana – Blues for Yemayá',

by Lotz of Music

Second release of our jazzy interpretations of Afro Cuban religious folklore. Features soloists from Conjunto Folklorico de National de Cuba, Yoruba Anabo, Raices. Features conga-legend Miguel 'Anga' Diaz and documents the latest recordings of legendary vocalist/percussionist Amelia Pedroso. Catalogue number 9920592. Released in 1998 by VIA Records, Hilversum (The Netherlands). Recorded at ICAIC studios Havana, Cuba April 1997 and September 1997 Kwetterhof studio Wormerveer NL


Arara Track Arara Track (excerpt)

Chango In The Dark Chango In The Dark (excerpt)

Blues For Yemaya Blues For Yemaya (excerpt)

Crazy Babalou Crazy Babalou (excerpt)

Guirro Para Oggun Guirro Para Oggun (excerpt)

King Of The White Cloth King Of The White Cloth (excerpt)

For Cosme And Damian For Cosme And Damian (excerpt)


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Musicians Alexis Zayas Rosabal, Amelia Pedroso, Xiomarra Larringa, Lilian Vieira, Jazmin Saavedra, Freila Merencio Blanco (vocals); José Pilar Suarez (vocals, batá, shekere); Javier Campos Martinez (vocals, batá, quinto, congas); Jorge Nuñez Menocal (vocals, batá, congas, shekere); Rodolfo Muñoz Ramirez, Miguel Anga Diaz (congas); Sjahin During (batá, cow-bell, clavé); Jos De Haas (vocals, African djembé); Mark Lotz (flutes, vocals); Maarten Ornstein (tenor sax, clarinet, bas clarinet); Stefan Schmid (piano); Jos Machtel (acoustic bass, tuba, valve trombone); Stefan Kruger (drums, cow-bell)

Tracks Changó In The Dark (trad./Lotz/Kruger); Crazy Babalou (trad./Lotz/Kruger/Vieria); Arará Track (trad./Lotz/Vogel); Blues For Yemayá (trad./Lotz); Guirro Para Ogún (trad./Campos/Lotz); For Cosmé And Damian (trad./Lotz/Kruger); Makuta (trad./Campos/Lotz); King Of The White Cloth (trad./Campos/Lotz)

“The CDs by Mark Alban Lotz are the best examples I’ve heard of successfully blending bata drums with non-Latin music. I highly recommend them.” (Mark Corrales,, USA)

“The concept sounds as natural as birdsong.” (Pan, UK)

“Without a doubt the best dutch production of traditional Afro Cuban music ever.” (Big Band, The Netherlands)

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