'CD Food Foragers'

by Mark Lotz/Alan Purves

Percussion, toys and surprising sound objects meet the family of of flutes and electronics. Music ranges from minimal to jazz, noise and world. Recorded, mastered and edited by Björn Warning, Warning Studio, Amsterdam at. June 12 & 28, 2017. Released by Unit Records march 2018.

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Abu In The Sky (excerpt) Abu In The Sky

Echoes Of A Life Hereafter (excerpt) Echoes Of A Life Hereafter

Petal Of A Rose (excerpt) Petal Of A Rose

Food Foragers (excerpt) Food Foragers

Endurance (excerpt) Endurance

Belly Buttons (excerpt) Belly Buttons

Mark Alban Lotz • piccolo, c-, alto-, bass-, pvc contrabass flutes, prepared flute, bass flute head-joint, bansuri, voice, fx

Alan Purves • Toy Pigs, DaDa Bells, Balafon, Sruti Boxes, Toy Horns, Klaxon, Toy Accordion, Tin Whistle, Brim Bram, Tambourine, Wee Shakers, Clapboard, Balacone, Whirlies, Toy Carousel, Breath, Hemarimbas, Cow Bells, Shakers, Horns, Tambourine, Floor Tom, Darbuka, Wee Frying Pans, Doppler Squeaks, Frame Drum, Clock Chimes, Tin Whistles

Abu In The Sky (comp. Lotz/Purves/Trad.), Hog Time (comp. Lotz/Purves), Echoes Of A Life Hereafter (comp. Lotz/Purves), Piepkuiken (comp. Lotz), Petal Of A Rose (comp. Lotz/Purves/Ellington), Endurance (comp. Lotz), Ice Breath (comp. Lotz/Purves), Kingfisher (comp. Lotz/Purves), Back Scratcher (comp. Lotz), River (comp. Lotz/Purves), Belly Buttons (comp. Lotz/Purves/Trad.), Food Foragers (comp. Lotz/Purves), Hanging Out (comp. Lotz/Purves), Lullaby For Time (comp. Lotz/Purves), I Am So Sorry Blues (comp. Lotz/Purves)

“Let’s see—Campfire music? Check. Star gazing music? Check. Dance music? Check. Dream music? Check. Road music? Check. That’s Food Foragers.“ (Don Phipps, All About Jazz USA)

“Lotz and Purves on “Food Foragers” have created their own musical language, which within 55 minutes takes us to an alternative reality, created by music we have never known before.“ (Longplay, Poland)

“Full of imagination and full-hearted emotions.” (His Voice, Czech Republic)

“Haunting music. Hypnotic as Sirens.” (L. Bohlmeijer, Passagio, KRO-NCRV Radio, The Netherlands)

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