CD 'Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th', CD-Istanbul-Improv-May-4'th-cover

by Mark Lotz / Islak Köpek

May 2010 Mark Alban Lotz had the opportunity to record and perform with some of the great exponents of the free improvising scene in Istanbul. Out of this came two albums: CD 'istanbul improv sessions may 4th' features recordings with the ensemble Islak Köpek). This album features next to ensemble improvisations many duets and trios of Islak Köpek members with Lotz. Recorded May 4'th 2010, Istanbul Turkey. Mixed & mastered by Micha de KanterReleased September 2011, Evil Rabbit Records ERR 16


We (Davis/Reigle Lotz) We (Exerpt) 

Stop (Terzioglu/Reigle/Lotz) Stop (full) 

Throat (Erel/Lotz) Throat (Exerpt)

Us (Acinci/Erel/Davis/Reigle/Terzioglu/Lotz) Us (Exerpt)

Sacred (Reigle/Lotz) Sacred (Exerpt)

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Musicians mark alban lotz (flutes), sevket akinci (guitar), korhan erel (laptop, controllers), robert reigle (tenor sax), kevin w. davis (cello), volkan terzioglu (tenor sax)

Tracks we, mouths, mouthtrap, stop, throat, us, scared, talking, down, short, sacred, mouthstrap, diamond, our, mouthwater 

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Best of 2011 in Mescalina (Italy)
rated five stars at Jassepoes (Belgium)
rated four star In Jazz Magazine (Swiss)

“Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit.” (This music is slithering and shaking with life.) (Monsieur Delire, François Couture, Canada, sept. 2011)

“An astonishing, exceptional level of spontaneous interaction recorded in the studio in Turkey. This is free music in its most universal variation.” (Vrij Nederland)

“Excellent document of the different approaches to composition and improvisation.” (London Resonance, UK)

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