‘Lotz Of Music meets Batá Drums – 2-CD Box, Le Coq Rouge’,CD-Le-Coq-Rouge-cover

by Lotz Of Music

CD 1 presents their work as jazz quintet. CD 2 presents their first collaboration with three Cuban Bata drums. Voted #1 at WEFT Illinois. Catalogue number 9920122 VIA Jazz. Released 1997 by VIA Records, Hilversum (The Netherlands). Recorded January 17/18, August 20/21 and October 16/24 1996 at Kwetterhof Studio Wormerveer NL.


Bandada (Trad./Lotz) Bandada (Exerpt)

DJ.S. (Kruger)  DJ.S. (Exerpt)

Slavic Disease (Lotz)  Slavic Disease (exerpt)

Dukes Trip (Kruger)  Dukes Trip (Exerpt)

Checke Checke (Trad/Lotz) Checke Checke

Odua Obatalá (Trad/Lotz) Odua Obatalá

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Musicians Mark Alban Lotz (flutes, tambourine, mouthharp, handclapping); Maarten Ornstein (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, electric tenor sax); Stefan Schmid (piano, handclapping); Marius Beets (acoustic bass); Stefan Kruger (drums, batá drums, handclapping); Jos Machtel (valve trombone, tuba); André Pet (trombone, bas trombone); Javier Campos Martinez (batá drums, shekere, quinto); Frank van Dok (batá drums, cow-bell); Sjahin During (batá drums); Jos De Haas (batá drums, shekere, guirro, quinto)

Tracks CD1; Seven From Heaven (Lotz); Dr. Gregg (Kruger); Slavic Disease (Lotz); Tamago (Lotz); Max Zillion (Beets); Untitled Original (Ornstein); Straußen’s Alptraum (Lotz); Una Muy Bonita (O.Coleman); Two Note Head (Lotz); Belmondo Geht Übern Place Pigalle (Lotz); Dj.S. (Kruger); CD2; Blues For Yemayá (trad./Lotz); Train Track (Vogel/Lotz); Baba Furruru (trad./Lotz); Bandada (trad./Lotz); Odua/Obatalá (trad./Lotz); Checke, Checke (trad./Lotz); Duke’s Trip (Kruger); Chango (trad./Lotz); Ibedyi (trad./Lotz); Le Coq Rouge (Lotz); Epilogue Train Track (Vogel/Lotz)

“This is not just an exotic flirt but a real organic fusion.” (De Volkskrant, The Netherlands)

“This is no tasteless eclecticism or cheap exotism but classy Jazz music.” (Entr’acte, The Netherlands)

“This is no jazz with Cuban invluences or vice versa but a beautyfull amalgamation of two styles of music.” (Man,  The Netherlands)

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