'Liingu', CD-Liingu -cover

by Mark Lotz Meets Omar Ka, A Fula's Call

Crossover with West African Fula Music. Collaboration of Lotz with Iranian percussionist Afra Mussawisade and vocalist Omar Ka hailing from the banks of the Niger. Recorded by Afra Mussawisade january and june 2007 at Studio Smederij, Zeist the Netherlands. Mixed and mastered by R. Kobialka, Cologne. Released by LopLop Records december 2007. Catalogue number Llr-022.

Malam Mix Malam Mix (excerpt)

Goureh/mWWp Goureh/mWWp (excerpt)

Lambeh Lambeh (excerpt)

There Is Beauty In The Dark Out There There Is Beauty In The Dark Out There  (excerpt)

Balal Slow Balal Slow (excerpt)

Balal Fast Balal Fast (excerpt)

Aynabeh Aynabeh (excerpt)

Tara Tara (excerpt)

Dadra Dadra (excerpt)

Punjabi Punjabi (excerpt)

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Musicians Omar Ka (voc, g, v), Afra Mussawisade (perc), Raphael Vanoli (g), Mark Lotz (fl) & guest artists: Sandip Battacharrya (voc, tabla), Mustapha Znaida (sentir), Sebastian Pott (thumbpiano)

Tracks Balal Intro, Balal/Slow, Balal/Fast, Goureh/mWPm, There Is Beauty In The Dark Out There, Lambeh, Malam Mix, Liingu Intro, Liingu/Bihag Track, Ni Wanoh, Aynabeh, Punjabi, Tara, Dadra Track

There is an illegal release of the same album by 'As De Pic Music', France. Please do not buy these.


“Paris watch out, one of the finest contemporary West African CDs came out of The Netherlands.” (World Music Central, USA)

“Fantastic Fulani Fusion. A stellar example of acoustic global fusion from artists at the top of their game.” (Spin The Globe, USA)

Excellently sequenced and mixed it is extremely satisfying experience from start to finish.” (Fly Global Music Magazine, Jon Mitchell, UK)

“West African Music within a true world fusion creating a new Eurafrican sound with an itching Fulani twist: Fresh, dynamic and fun. The best what different cultures have to offer.” Africanews.com

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