CD ‘mostly harmless …’, CD-mostly-harmless-...!-cover

by Vogel/Lotz • t(w)o-do

Duo improvisations and compositions on flutes and acoustic bass. Catalogue number EC 470-2. Released 1994 by Edition Collage, Georg Löffler Musikverlag, München, Germany.


Weird Walsje (Vogel) Weird Walsje (exerpt)

Wight Waits For Weights (S.Coleman) Wight Waits For Weights

Sophisticated Lady (Ellington) Sophisticated Lady (exerpt)

FMG (Vogel) FMG (exerpt)

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Musicians Tjitze Anne Vogel (contra bass); Mark Alban Lotz (picollo, c-, alt-, bass-flute)

Tracks Weird Walsje #1 (T.A.Vogel); Open Spaces (Vogel/Lotz); Aeroflotz (M.A.Lotz); Picoloco (M.A.Lotz); F.M.G. (T.A.Vogel); Gancino Horo (Rumanian trad.); Sophisticated Lady (D.Ellington); So(u)loflotz (M.A.Lotz); Quasimodo (M.A.Lotz); Wight Wait For Weights (S.Coleman); Free Interlude (Vogel/Lotz); Beauty Is A Rare Thing (O.Coleman); Congeniality (O.Coleman); Portrait Of An Artist As A Small Furry Creature From Betelgeuze IV (Vogel/Lotz)

“Spontaneous improvisations and adventurous interpretations. This CD puts an end to the prejudice around the soft and easy sounding flute.” (Trouw, The Netherlands)

“This music is highly international, undogmatic and broadly informed.” (Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, The Netherlands)

“An absolutely remarkable discovery!” (La Traversière, France)

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