CD ‘Pendant La Nuit’, CD-Pendant-La-Nuit-cover

by Lotz Of Music 

Music as performed and created for the Soapera (Theater Show) ‘Pendant la Nuit. Night Music in solo, duo, trio and quartet settings by flutist/composer Mark Alban Lotz and his wide awake ensemble. Dynamic performances of fun improvisations. The music is tender, excited, wry and ranges from dusty tribal sounds to amusing kitsch. Catalogue number LLr 017, Recorded september 2004 in Zeist,The Netherlands released in 2005 by LopLop Productions, Utrecht (The Netherlands).


Cowboy Game (Lotz/Purves) Cowboy Game (full)

Charlies Bossa (Lotz) Charlies Bossa (full)

Pow Pow (Purves/Surmenian/Lotz) Pow Pow (exerpt)

Pendant Le 70’s (Lotz) Pendant Le 70’s (exerpt)

Sex Pendant La Nuit (Lotz) Sex Pendant La Nuit (exerpt)

Pygmy Bop (Lotz) Pygmy Bop (exerpt)

Xandras Monologue (Lotz) Xandras Monologue (exerpt)

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Musicians Mark Alban Lotz (piccolo, c-, alto-, bass-, PVC contra bass flute, vocals); Edwin Berg (piano, prepared piano, melodica, charlie (e organ), vocals); Eric Surmenian (bass, vocals); Frederic Jeanne (drum set); Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves (percussion set, harmonica, water cymbals, bells, wooden spoons, snare and low pitch drum, baby marimba, mini thumb piano, vocals)

Tracks Cowboy Game (Purves/Lotz); 6 Pendant La Nuit; Pow Pow (Lotz/ Surmenian/Purves); Little Shiva; Leo’s Walkin’ (Lotz/Berg/Surmenian/Purves); Tongue Resonance (Purves); Hungry I; Xandra’s Monologue; Pyg-me-bop; Flow (Lotz/Surmenian/Purves); Dreamy Nuit; Pig-o-loco; Hungry II; Pendant Le 70’ties; Charlies Bossa; Bossa De La Nuit (all compositions by Lotz, except where indicated)

“… can’t say enough good about this one either. Lotz, as ever, wields an estimable selection of flutes and melodic hooks (first time out of the mailing envelope, I played the opening, highly Stravinsky-esque ‘Cowboy Game’ eleven times in a row before I went on to the next track).” (Jazz Now, Ken Egbert, USA)

“The music is as iridescent and colorful as the biography of multiflautist Mark Alban Lotz. A collection of great miniatures … toy instruments and ‘objects trouvés’ make ‘Cowboy game’ a sound jewel.” (Jazzdimensions, Germany)

“… they demonstrate no small amount of ingenuity.” (All About Jazz, USA)

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