CD Solo Flutes Solo-Flutes-cover

by Mark Alban Lotz

17 tracks of flute solo performances of contemporary music in compositions and improvisations. Everything is played in one go, live. No use of overdubs, loops, sound processing but of extended techniques on flute (whisper tones, multi-phonics, tongue slaps and stops, circular breathing, voice, lip pizzicato harmonics, etc). Including six ‘Bass Flute Sequenzas’ – sound excesses, exploring the pipe of the bass flute. Recorded januari 11 and februari 8 in The Netherlands. Mixed & mastered by Micha de Kanter. Loplop Records Llr 41, Released May 2014.

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Dear Moth Dear Moth (bass flute, excerpt)

PVC Mantra PVC Mantra (pvc contra bass flute, excerpt)

The Fish On The Dry The Fish On The Dry (bass flute sequenza 5, excerpt)

Whisper Alap Whisper Alap (alto flute, excerpt)

Whole Steps Whole Steps (alto flute, excerpt)

Albert Speaks Albert Speaks (bass flute sequenza 1, excerpt)

Adam & Eva Adam & Eva (bass flute sequenza 3, excerpt)

As Sahra Ash Sharqiyah As Sahra Ash Sharqiyah (concert flute, excerpt)

mark alban lotz

piccolo, concert flute, alto flute, bass flute, pvc contrabass flutes, prepared flute, voice


Albert Speaks, As Sahra Ash Shariqiyah (Eastern Desert), Whole Steps, Hungry III, PVC Mantra, Dear Moth, Why Not Take All?, Piccolo For Makeba, Adam And Eva, Whisper Alap, Do Not Swallow!, Major Circles, The Fish On The Dry, For Rahsaan, Kazoo Track, Inside, A Fine Winter (all compositions by Lotz)

slideshow press CD Solo flutes (double click on foto to start slideshow) 


slideshow press CD Solo flutes (double click on foto to start slideshow) 



Listed as “New Recommended Release”,  NYC Jazz Record Magazine (6/2014)

Listed in the “Jazznotjazz” top 10  in the Dutch Jazzism Magazine (11/2014)

“An absolute must as it is a real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.” (Jassepoes, Belgium)

“Pure Genius.” (Flute Focus, UK)

“You gotta have either a) chops b) chutzpah or c) perfect timing for a horn player to successfully do a solo album. Flautist Mark Alban Lotz throws down the flute gauntlet, and pulls off an impressive salvo.” (Jazzweekly, USA)

“It is among the best I have heard this year in terms of musicality and creativity.” (CKUT, USA)

“With the very first beat of the CD you already are fully mesmerized. It is the staccato of the bass flute which immediately grabs your unconditional attention. This won’t be different throughout the whole CD, also with the other flutes. Mark Alban Lotz is the grand master, a great improviser on all kinds of flutes. On the large PVC bass flute up to and including the small piccolo. {cut} – magnificent solo recital. This album deserves a lot of listeners and not just by jazz lovers. It’s no small feat to fill a CD as fascinating and surprising with only ‘Solo Flutes’.” (Draai Om Je Oren, 10/2014, The Netherlands, J.Los)

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