CD 'u-ex(perimental)',CD-U-experimental-cover

by Mark Lotz / Meinrad Kneer

Bassist Meinrad Kneer and flutist Mark Alban Lotz perform in a lot of fantastic configurations here. Extreme textures and atmospheres with both established, as well as emerging new talents of the Dutch improvised scene. 26 tracks of free improvisations that will take you by surprise. An example of the present-day developments and diversity of free music in Holland. u-ex(perimental) is an improvised music concert series, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A platform for spontaneous encounters of improvising musicians in concert. Recorded by Ben Mendez, december 2009 and february 2010 in Amsterdam. Mixed & mastered by Micha de KanterEvil Rabbit Records ERR17 released 2012.


Block 3 (Kneer/Lotz/Ecker) Block 3 (Exerpt) 

In The Mouth (Kneer/Lotz/Gibson) In The Mouth 

Hold (Kneer/Lotz/ten Hoorn/Jessen) Hold (Exerpt)

Inside (Kneer/Lotz/Heurtebize/Genovesi) Inside (Exerpt) 

Beach Live (Kneer/Lotz/Jessen/ten Hoorn/Provan/Buis) Beach Life (Exerpt)

Conclusion (Kneer/Lotz/Gibson) Conclusion

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Musicians meinrad kneer (double bass), mark alban lotz (flutes), maraatsj ten hoorn (violin), mary oliver (viola), felicity provan (trumpet, voice), dana jessen (bassoon), jodi gilbert (voice), han buhrs (voice), yedo gibson (saxophones), joost buis (lapsteel guitar), guillaume heurtebize (electric guitar), alfredo genovesi (electric guitar), koenraad ecker (laptop)

Tracks ballet d’action, serene, operation hercules, hold, rondo, conclusion, block 3, in the mouth, moment, punch, inside, blitzfish, the weight of air, on the other side, beach life, the mammal thing, the fog, open your eyes, pow pow, movement and variation, aria, conversation, recitativo, drugstore manager, for albert hofmann, the golden fish


Rated five stars Jassepoes (Belgium)

“A fascinating journey with some of the most unique improvisers on the fertile Dutch scene.” (All About Jazz, USA)

“If those two (Kneer & Lotz) improvise together you’re listening on the edge of your seat because they know how to keep the excitement insane surprising. The quite unique and typical Dutch touch seems to be that remarkable combination of avant-garde adventure and humor. Delicious! An absolute must!” (Moors Magazine, The Netherlands)

“The core duo have a clear rapport and sonic identity marking their abstract improvisations with a frictive astringency.” (Downbeat, USA)

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