Links to my fellow musicians

site of Indian vocalist Sandhya Sanjana

site of guitar player Umut Caglar and his re:konstruct label (Mark Alban Lotz CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th)

site of the first improvising ensemble of Turkey Islak Köpek (Mark Lotz & Islak Köpek)

site of laptop performer player Korhan Erel (Duo Lotz/Erel, IstanPOOL, Islak Köpek)

site of piano player Albert van Veenendaal (Lotz Of Music, A Dutch View  On Fish)

site of cello player Jörg Brinkmann (Lotz Of Music, A Dutch View  On Fish)

site of drummer Alan Gunga Purves (Lotz Of Music, Lotz/Purves duo, Global Village Orchestra, Kamil Erdem Quartet)

site of Senegalesian vocalist Omar Ka (Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call)

site of ud player Fatih Ahiskali (Kamil Erdem Quartet)

site of bass player Kamil Erdem (Kamil Erdem Quartet)

site of bass player/composer Meinrad Kneer (Lotz/Kneer, u-experimental)

site of the fabulous Moldavian group Trigon (Lotz/Steffanet, Moldavia Calls)

site of bass player Frans van der Hoeven (Lotz Of Music)

Maarten Ornstein and his Dash Modular Cookbook (Lotz Of Music, Shango’s Dance)

site of piano player Edwin Berg (Lotz Of Music)

site of Israelian Ud player Haytham Safia (H.Safia Quintet)

site of drummer/composer Arend Niks (Lotz Of Music)

site of Ivo & Maarten Meijer’s dance live act ‘Page-One

site of Hindustanic vocalist Raj Mohan (we work together for more than 12 years now in Shiva’s Lounge and a lot of other ensembles)

site of ‘ZAPP! string quartet‘ (performind two of my composition, CD Dextro)

site of piano player Marc van Roon (Lotz Of Music, Shango’s Dance)

site of Cuban vocalist Estrella Acosta (CD Alma Guaijra)

site of Indian Tabla virtuoso Sandip Bhattacharya (A Fula’s Call, Lotz Of Music)

site of drummer/percussionist Thomas Altmann (author of the book Cantos Lucumi)

site of vocalist/guitarist Konstantin Ruchadze (I perform on many of his CD releases)

site of bass-player Reno Steba (Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call)