Mandala Tribe

Mandala Tribe is an synergetic combination in electronic music with Jazz and Indian music in : ‚Beats, Breaths & Bytes‘. Decoding Raga's in dynamic beats, harmony and virtuoso improvisations with an itching electro-acoustic sound and spiritual touch by three legendary musical explorers.

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Line up:

Stefan Schmid (Zuco 103, New Cool Collective, Koffie) – electronica, beats, keys
Heiko Dijker (Scapino Ballet, Tablatronics) – tabla, beats
Mark Alban Lotz (Chris Potter Tentett, Giovanca, Afro Lounge) – flute, bansuri, effects

Mandala tribe extended band features New Delhi based violinist Sharat Shrivastava and multi-instrumentalist Igor Bezget hailing from Maribor.  

The first try-out takes place, june 3rd at the Music Meeting in Nijmegen. This review also features a short live clip from the performance.


Here some amateurshots of our very first jam's in a rehearsal studio. Literally a sponaneous jam without any concept, tune.

jam 1

jam 2












Mandala Tribe … a relief between all the pre-composed music that was heard this day. Firmly played tabla, a beautiful lyrically-played flute, compelling beats, and deep-moving Moog parties revealed the encounter of jazz, world and electronics. Exactly what the Music Meeting Festival represents. (