Newsmantra, India 2017
“With use of electronics, extended techniques and voice, Lotz painted a colorful portrait of intense beauty that reflected his life in jazz, classical and world music.\" (Newsmantra, India 2017)
Neue Zeutschrift für Musik (Germany)
\"The word of the ‚new worlds of sound’ usually picked up in the context of contemporary music is quite worn out, but with Lotz it is entitled.”
„... extraordinary virtuosity. ..., apart from the delightful technique, displaying unlimited imagination and visionary fantasy.“
SJU Bulletin (The Netherlands)
\'Lord of the Flutes.\' (USA)
\"Mark Lotz is more than just a big voice in the European jazz scene. He is at the forefront of jazz, classical and World Music and is obviously enjoying every minute of it!\"
(Le Son Du Grisli, France)
\"Lotz is a filmmaker of breath.”
Citizen Jazz (2014, France)
\"In recent years, Mark Alban Lotz stands out as being one of the most improvisational flautists to Europe.\"
\"Mark Alban Lotz - a German-Dutch genius and flute master.\"
Just Outside (2014 France)
“Lotz is a fantastic flutist, evincing great command, facility and imagination. Intriguingly impressive.”
All About Jazz (USA)
\"Dutch Flute Master.\"
Draai Om Je Oren (2011, The Netherlands)
\"An unprecedented phenomenon in the Dutch impro-scene.\"
Radio 888 (2014 Croatia)
\"Mark Alban Lotz, a brilliant flutist, one of the new names in the virtuous circle of European improvisors.\"
La Traversiere (France)
\"A big voice in the European Jazz scene.\"
Flute Focus (2014, UK)
\"Pure Genius.\"
Uni Magazine (2014, Czech Republic)
\"Mark Lotz is a flute master in traditional up to hypnoticing modern settings.\"
Pan Magazine (UK)
\"Masculine, exciting, superb.\"
Frankenpost (Germany)
“… on the bass flute Lotz reached into the essence of art: … he allowed a glimpse into the underworld where nothing can be seen but much is to be heard.”
New York Jazz City Record Magazine (2014, USA)
\"Add the name of Mark Alban Lotz to the very short list of flute virtuosi who can single-handedly animate a recital.\"
Cadence Magazine (USA)
\"Ambitious composer of unique contexts.\"
Africa News
\"Mark Alban Lotz a legend on different flutes.\"
All Music (USA)
\"Lotz\'s chosen instrument sets him apart, of course, but so does his skill as an improviser. He\'s a daring, spontaneous soloist, who manages to invest the flute with the sort of earthiness one might more logically expect from a saxophonist.\"
Jazz International (2013 The Netherlands)
\"The capacity of Lotz coming directly to the essence in all the different settings really takes you by suprise.\"
Global Rhythm Magazine (USA)
\"Errant Jazz-man.\"
Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden
\"Taking the past as a starting point Lotz opens a view into the jazz of the future.\"
TAZ Bremen (Germany)
“Hearing Lotz you have to change the prejudice about the soft sounding flute.\" (T.Pena) USA
“Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has created a unique niche for himself in the field of World Music.”
Trouw (The Netherlands)
“German flutist set the standard at the SJU Jazz Festival.”
Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
\"This is the time of discoveries in Jazz.\"
Jazzarium (2014, Poland)
Artists of really high class should be considered. One of these artists undoubtedly is flute virtuoso Mark Alban Lotz.
Draai Om Je Oren (2014)
\"Mark Alban Lotz is the grand master, a great improviser on all kinds of flutes.\"
La Traversiere (France)
“Lotz is a flutist who has no doubt established himself in the rich contmeporary music alongside Robert Dick and Michel Edelin.”
Volkrant (The Netherlands)
\"… flautist Mark Alban Lotz who gave the most impressive concert. ... breathtaking beautifull!\" (Mark Lotz meets Don Byron)
Surinam Times (Suriname)
“World Class Flutist!”
Jazz Magazine (2006, Italy)
\"Though inspired by Atlantic recordings of Hubert Laws Lotz manages to go from Classical to Jazz music with a lot of personal energy and vitality.\"
Jazz Magine (Italy)
\"Velluti Globali\"
NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)
\"Besides his mastery of his instruments Lotz demonstrates a few things you won\'t learn at school: fantasy, sense for colours and drama plus humorous playfulness.\"
Draai Om Je Oren
\"Mark Lotz en Chico Freeman impress at the SJU Jazz Festival.\"
Rootstime (2014, Belgium)
\"Master improviser, tribute!\"


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