Personal record

  • Date of Birth: 12. June 1963
  • Native place: Tübingen
  • Nationality: German
  • 1963 – '66; Berlin, Germany
  • 1966 – '69; Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1969 – '72; Primary school Kampala, Uganda
  • 1972 – '83; High School 'Konrad Adenauer Gymnasium' Bonn, Germany
  • 1983 – '84; Social service at the 'Godeshöhe rehabilitation center for the disabled', Bonn
Composition assignements
  • 1997; Assignment for two compositions to be performed by the Utrecht Jazz Pool 1998
  • 2000; Assignment for six compositions by the Dutch 'Fonds voor de scheppende Toonkunst'
  • 2000; Assignment by the Zapp String Quartet'' for a composition for String Quartet and voice
  • 2001; Assignment by the 'Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst' for a composition for String Quartet
  • 2002; Assignment for a composition by the 'Travellin' Light' Piano Trio
  • 2003; Assignment for a composition by Stichting Multiplex for the project: 'Magic: Stories in music', together with actor Nel Lekatompessy and The Global Village Orchestra.
  • 2004; Assignment by the 'Theater de Lantaren' for their 2004 theatre production 'Pendant La Nuit'.
  • 2005; Assignment by the Fonds voor de Sheppende Toonkunst to write for our mWWm ensemble A Fula's Callin'
  • 2006; Assignment by the Fonds voor de Sheppende Toonkunst to compose for our project with VJ Soundshadow: Lotz Of Music Plays A Dutch View On Fish.
  • 2010; Assignment by the Fonds voor de Sheppende Toonkunst to compose for : Moldavia Calls.
  • 2013; Assignement for ten solo flute compositions by Fonds Podiumkunsten

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Activities as organizer, advisor, etc

  • 1993; Organizer and co-founder of the first 'Utrechts Jazz Treffen' Festival
  • 1994; Critic for the magazin 'Muziek en Onderwijs'
  • 2000 – now; Co-programmer of the 'Music: World Series' national wide concert & festival organization
  • 2007 – 2011; Programmer of a weekly  improv concert series 'u-ex(perimental)' at the SJU Jazzpodium and Centraal Museum, Utrecht
  • 2011 – now; Member of the government board of the association for improvising musicians, (BIM)
  • 2012; Curator of the ’U-Jazz Festival’, Utrecht
  • 2014 – now; Advisor composition ’Fonds voor Podium Kunsten
  • 2016 – now; Director of the Festival ‚Jazz Op De Sofa’, Zeist

Activities as teacher

  • 1984 – now; Teacher for flute, improvisation and theory
  • 1991 – now; Teacher for flute, jazz and ensembles at 'Academy of Music' Alphen a/d Rijn
  • 1993 – '94; Teacher for flute and advanced training for the teachers in Enschede
  • 1994 – 2000; Workshop leader for various institutions and music schools of music in the Netherlands.
  • 1994 – '95; Member of the education group in the 'Jazz in Utrecht' foundation
  • 1996; Lecturer in 'History of jazz' at the University, Alphen a/d Rijn and the 'Culturele Circel Amstelveen' foundation
  • 1995 – '96; Teacher for flute and jazz ensemble at 'Academy of Music' Amstelveen
  • 1997 Lecture at the Percuba Festival, Havana, Cuba
  • 2000-2001; Guest teacher flute (jazz) for the Zwolle conservatory
  • 2007, 08, 11, 18;  Guest teacher/workshop leader at the conservatory of Rotterdam (Codarts).
  • 2010; teacher for workshop/masterclass flute at Yildiz University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2010-now; Member of the Faculty of the Utrecht Conservatory (HKU) Jazz/Pop department as teacher flute & ensemble
  • 2012-2013; 2015-2016; 2017-2018 Member of the Faculty of the Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory Jazz/Latin department as teacher flute
  • 2014; Guest teacher at Hochschule für Musik, Bremen (Introduction to Indian Classical Music)
  • 2014; Jazz workshop for Neflac (Netherlands Flute Association)
  • 2015; Masterclass 'Aktuele Solokonzepte zwischen improvisierter und komponierter Musik' at Hochschule für Musik, Bremen
  • 2015; Workshops at Wenchui Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan and Zuhal Muzik, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2016; Workshop at MIA Festival, Portugal
  • 2017; Masterclass and workshop at Unesco Jazz Week, Conservatory Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2018; Masterclass at Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, Wroclaw, Poland
  • 2018; Masterclass at Instytut Jazzu PWSZ, Nysie, Poland
  • 2018; Workshop at Szkoła Muzyczna I i II stopnia im, Krakow, Poland
  • 2018; Lecture and solo recital at the International Scientific & Educational Conference Jazz XXI, Akademia Muzyczna, Krakowie, Poland
  • 2018 Masterclass at the Escola Superior De Música, Lisboa, Portugal.
Artistic activities
  • 1988 – 1991; Leader of the 'Albanism Quartet' (Tours in Spain, Tschoslowakia, Holland, Germany)
  • 1989; Finalist with the 'Albanism Quartet' at the Jazz Contest in Karlovy Vary, Slovakia
  • 1990; Encouragement price of the Middelsee Jazzfestival Competition
  • 1990; Gijs Hendriks' 'Construction Company'
  • 1991 – 2000; 'T(w)o-Do', with bassist Tjitze Vogel (Tours in Germany, Belgium, Holland)
  • 1991 – now; Leader of 'Lotz Of Music' (Tours in Cuba, Holland, Germany)
  • 1992; 'Lotz Of Music' second price winner of  the Middelsee Jazzfestival Contest (with special credits)
  • 1992; Featured solist with 'Bons'. A composition by Theo Loevendie for a classical chamber ensemble of 11 instrumentalist and one jazz soloist
  • 1993 – now; Leader of the 'The New Mark Lotz Standard Quartet' (Tours inn Holland, Belgium, Germany)
  • 1994; Duo Baird/Lotz with drummer and percussionist Michael Baird
  • 1995; Realisation of the project 'noisiVision'. A multimedia performance in cooperation with the duo 'T(w)o-Do' and artist Elseline van der Graaf and her sculptures.

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  • 2002 – 2010; Global Village Orchestra – a ten piece world music fusion ensemble feat. a.o. Mola Sylla, Behsat Uvez, Kamil Abbas and Alan Purves. As part of the Global Village Orchestra Lotz in collaboration with actor Nel Lakompessy contributed to the music theatre show “Magic: Stories In Music” in 2004.
  • 2003; 'Page One' – live dance act by Producer Duo Ivo & Maarten Meijer
  • 2003 – now; Raj Mohan's Shairana – a literair programme around North Indian classical music and jazz
  • 2003 – 2004; 'Flutes n' Brass' – The Guus Tangelder Big Band fronted by four Flutists (Ronald Snijders, Jeroen Pek, Peter Guidi, Mark Lotz)
  • 2004; Three basses and a flute – a collaboration of the bassplayers Meinrad Kneer, Tony Overwater and Jos Machtel with a flautist
  • 2004; Najma Akthar versus Vistar – crossover of Asian Underground with India jazz fusion
  • 2004 – 2005; 'Lotz Of Music' and Pendant La Nuit – Lotz Of Music performing as a Finish Jazzband in the theater play Pendant La Nuit by Erik de Vroedt
  • 2006 – now; Mark Lotz & A Fula's Call – world fusion with Omar Ka, Afra Mussawisade and Raphael Vanoli. (Tour in Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia.)
  • 2005; Flute Jazz Trio – Trio jazz with drummer Joost van Schaaik and bass player Arjen Gorter – Jazzy Pop with BB Connected
  • 2007-2012; Lotz Of Music versus VJ Soundshadow – 'A Dutch View On Fish'
  • 2011; Tour to Suriname with the Raj Mohan Ensemble.
  • 2007-2011; part of the Kamil Erdem Quartet
  • 2008; Studio/CD recordings (flute & bansuri) for Wahid, CD Hymn Forever by Konstantin Ruchardze, CD Cadencia by Sandra Mirabal & Jacob Klaase, Rekesh Dukaloo, DJ Gumnaam, Easy Aloha's, CD Subway Silence of Giovanca. Tour through the Us and Canada with Estrella Acosta's Guaijrra.

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  • 2009; Gigs (Holland, France, Egypt, Bulgaria) and/or recordings with Droeh Nankoe, Sandhya Sanjana, Raj Mohan, Estrella Acosta, Wouter Hamel, Giovanca, Ad Colen Quartet, Pierre Abbo, Jacky GrandJean, Regine Gesta, Lotz Of Music, A Fula's Call, Oguz Buyukberber, Felicity Provan, Han Bennik, Mary Oliver, Ad Colen, Meinrad Kneer, Guillaume Heurtebize, John Dikeman, Roosie Woof
  • 2009, Utrek City Improv; collective of Utrecht based soloist performing music of Michael Baird
  • 2009; Part of the film project 'Pép' on the one note by Bernadette van Beurten.

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  • 2012; Part of the film 'improvising hands, improvising minds' by Bernadette van Beurten. Recorded bansuri for Konstantin Ruchadze, Multitrack CD by Radio6 and for producer Gumnaam. Recorded Flute for Izaline Callister and for Senegalese producer Papis Ndiaye. Programmer for the 2012 edition of U-Jazz Festival. Recorded in Dakar Senegal for the new CD of Mark Lotz & Omar Ka, A Fula's Call.
  • 2013; concerts (Holland, Senegal, France, French Guiana, Turkey) with Miro's Move, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Paulo Chagas, Islak KöpekLotz/Erel, Sibel Köse/Mark Lotz Quinet, Duygu Demir, Yahya Dai, Raj Mohan, Sandhya Sanjana, IstanPOOL with a.o. Michael Moore & Anne La Berge,The Hague Ethospheric Orchestra feat. Oene van Geel and Tom Beek, duo concerts with Daan Herweg and Achim Heine, Bram Stadshouders and Mark van Tongeren, Snijders/Lotz Duo, Solo.2013; recordings for Raj Mohan with a.o. Zapp4. Recordings for Abou Thiam and his CD Ngaari Laaw (Fouta, Senegal)
  • 2014 concerts (Germany, Holland, USA) with Dario Farello, Laurend Rodz, Sandhya Sanjana, Mark Lotz & A Fula's Call, Mark Lotz Solo, Purves Lotz Duo feat. Anton Goudsmit, Jean Luc Thomas, Neco Novellas & Stefan Schmid, Miro Move, Snijders/Os/Lotz TrioT(w)o-Do Duo, Hans Hasebos/Michael Vatcher/Marcos Baggani/Wilbert De Jode/Han Buhrs, Ernst Glerum/Jeffrey Bruinsma/Joshua Samson, Cheryl Pyle.
  • 2014: recording for Snijders/Os/Trio, Mark Lotz Solo CD, Gijs Batelaan, CD Emotional Orbit
  • 2015; concerts (Holland, Germany, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France) Solo Flutes, Lotz/Erel Duo with Gebhard Ullman, Frank Gratkowski, Nicola L. Hein, Three Basses And A Flute with Meinrad Kneer, Klaus Kürvers, Adam Pultz Melbye, Daan Herweg, Tjitze Vogel, Sarp Maden, Bora Celiker, Sevket Akinci, Giray Gürkal, Gülsah Erol, Umut Caglar, Can Omer Uygan, Raj Mohan, Genetic Choir, Duo Lotz/Purves, M-M-M, Shih-Yang Lee, Bob Ostertag, Alessandro Bosetti, Fangy-Lu, Mike Tsang, Ying-Da Chen, Ing Lang, Shen Piji, Pierre Veniot, Sze Ka Yan, Nelson Hui, Paul Yip, Li Jihazeng, Qing Song; dansers Marloes van Houten, David Leung, Ara Cho, etc; HKU Jazz Flute Quartet, Laurent Avizou, danser Christine Couzi.
  • 2016; concerts (Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, China, Spain, Portugal, Scottland, Poland, India, Austria) Solo Flutes, 'Flutes n' Squeeks' with Lotz/Purves Duo, Elisabetta Lanifredi, Meinrad Kneer, Korhan Erel, Erik Wong, Irene Klepl, Angelika Sheridan, 'Mark Lotz & A Fula's Call', Ernst Reijseger, Lotz Of Music, Claudio Puntin, Bayin Muren, Paulo Caruda, Miguel Miro, Paulo Chagas, David Golek, Ricardo Tejero, Javier Entonado, Victor Zamora, Joel Silva, Carlos Baretto, Laurent Rochelle, Frédéric Schadoroff, Eric Boccalini, Estrella Acosta, Mark Bischoff, Pedro Luis Pardo, Luc van Eendenburg, Joe Rivera, Armando Vidal, Anil Eraslan, David Patrick, Tom McNiven, Sam Coombes, Ole Seimetz, Max Grosch, Calum Robertson, Andrew Robb, Phil O'Malley, Brian Molley, John Kenny, Lamin Kuyateh, Suresh Sardjoe, Jonatan Szer, Diego Cortez, Gonzalo Lopes, Raj Mohan, Lourens van Haaften, Marco van Os, Folker Tettero, Lina Alemano, Mathias Müller, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Piotr Wojnarowski, Liliana Zieniawa, Alex Clov Baczkowski, Alessio Zucca, Rogier Telderman, Efe Erdem, Alex Simu, Mehmet Polat, Dymphy Peters, Jeannine Valeriano, Maarten Ornstein, Yasmine Allas, Joell Wilson, Paul Palessen, Ivo Bol, Ilse Van Haasdrecht, Heiko Dijker, Sharat Chandra Srivastava, Igor Bezget, Mayank Bedekar, Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan, Harshit Misra, David Tappesser, Pranai Gurung, Auxanne Cartigny, Jörg Brinkmann, Daniel Marques.
  • 2017; concerts (Holland, Germany, Nepal, India, Spain, France) Solo Flutes, Lotz/Purves Duo, Eric Surmenian, Laurent Paris, Daniel Marques, Mandala Tribe, Raj Rajat, Raj Mohan, Daan Herweg, Achim Heine, Lorenzo Buffa, Rogier Telderman, Efe Erdem, Alex Simu, Steven Kamperman, Coen Kaldeway, Christoph May, Thomas Strønen, David Golek, Pat Cleaver, Marco Santos. Phillip Moser, Iman Spaargaren, Theo Holsheimer, Kristina Fuchs.
  • 2017: recordings for Rory Ronde/Gijs van Stralen, Raj Mohan, Gabriel Selfie, Mark Lotz /Alan Purves.
  • 2018; concerts (Holland, Germany, India, Poland, Portugal, France) Shanyne Ballantyne, Sandeep Madhavan, Imran Khan, Sonic, Pranai Gurung, Nimisha Shankar, Matteo Fraboni, Holger Jetter, Christos Yerolatsitis, Aron Nyiro, Anurag Naidu, Dee Wood, Sahil Shah, Deepak Srnivas, Maximiliano De Miranda, Eric Wong, Korhan Erel, Grzegorz Piasecki, Wojciech Bulinski, Robert Jarmuzek, Grzegorz Pauka, Kuba Plucek, Leszek Hefi Wisniowski, Marek Choloniewski, Rafal Mazur, dancer Kenzo Kusada, Fleurine, Ian Faquini, Alaor Soares, Vitor Goncalves, Eduardo Belo, Bert Lochs, Henk de Ligt, Alan Purves/Mark Lotz, Estrella Acosta, Luc Eendenburg, Jorge Martinez Galan, Armando Vidal, Joe Rivera, Pedro Pardo, Nelson Cascais, Joao-Paulo Silva, Martin Andersen, Maria Do Mar, Carla Santana, Joanna Guerra, Alex Sarrouy, Luis Vicente, Pedro Melo Alves, Boris Martins Nunes, Paulo Galao, Carlos Canao, Paulo Chagas, Fernando Simoes, Bruno Goncalves, Pedro Santo, Alfonso Castanheira, Miguel Mira, Paulo Leal de Duarte, Maria Radich, Joao Madeira, Carlos Zingaro, Laurent Paris, Romain Baudoin.
  • 2018; recordings (Poland) for Mark Lotz Poland Trio, Joona Samuel Jaakkola, Raj Mohan and 'Des Astres d'Or' (Raymond Dijkstra)



















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