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june 8th

I'll head to Lisboa june 14-25 for performances with MØDE. A new ensemble initiated by Nelson Cascais and me and a new exciting journey in music for interactive quartet. A masterclass, solo recital and performances in free improvisation with old and new friends sum up my activities. Going to perform with legendary radical free jazz violinist Carlos Zingaro as well. Excited.

june 1st

Once a while I am privileged to work with artists who in complete solitary create their very own music. Here a collaboration as LP release with Raymond Dijkstra and his Des Astres d'Or : 'Pana Pakshinaaam' (Play of Birds). Unidentified sound objects in space with flutes.

may 6st

My dear friend and colleague Peter Guidi left us April 17, 2018. He was not only a very warm person but also fabulous jazz flautist and dedicated teacher. I always loved his reading of the standard 'I Wish I Knew'. I made a webpage for Peter and uploaded the track here. Have a listen to this giant. 

may 1rst

The industry embraces our 'Food Foragers' release to an almost ridiculous extend. Loads of great reviews and radio specials. Have a look n a listen.

march 23rd

Our CD Food Foragers is just released and already got embarcced greatly by the media with radio shows and pressreaction. Truly Fantastic! I'll perform Solo and in Duo with Alan with experimental French film at the Eyemuseum, Amsterdam and perform again with dancer Kenzo Kusada at OT301. Life is good. 

february 12th

Nice stuff is coming up: I will hold two lectures at the Jazz XXI conference in Krakow, Poland in march next to performing in improvised music @ Alchemia with some great Polish modernists. Then will do a recording with my new Polish Trio conisting out of Wojciech Buliński (dr) and Grzegorz Piasecki (b)! Also will teach the Akademia de Musica in Krakow and hold a masterclass at the Wroclaw Conservatory. June probably c's a Tour in Solo and with a new project with my friend Nelson Cascais in Portugal.

february 2nd 

I had a gorgeous time in India, a month full of music and adventures. I have performed in solo, jazz, improvised (with visuals!) and cross-over settings. The Tour started in Delhi then went to Chennai, Pondycherry, Mumbai and Goa. Unfortunately some gigs also were cancelled but they got replaced with some nice stuff in Goa! What to think about free improvised noise and drone music with visuals or a great meeting with a Karnatic guitarist, jaming in a temple in the mountains with a great Sufi virtusoso then hanging close to the jungle with wild boars on a campus where they just have found the most venomous snake in the world and practicing Yoga n Bansuri at Vagator Beach ( Poluted with radioactivity because of a great amount of Thalium in the sand there). Did I mention the Crab Kerala style, Lobster in butter with garlic and other delicious food? Loved every bit.

november 24th

The second edition of my Jazz On The Sofa Festival was a big succes. Recorded a lot for Raj Mohan, Rory Ronde/Gijs Anders van Stralen, Gabriel Selfie. Gigs with Daniel Marques, Solo, Mandala Tribe, Rogier Telderman with as guest Thomas Strønen, did advisor work for the "Fonds Podiumkunsten' (quite emotional rollercoaster), had meetings ( and trying to fix a Tour in India end of this year. The Cd with Alan Purves will be released at Unit records in february 2018.

august 3rd

Ibiza gigs were nice, but that duet with Eric Surmenian in San Sebastian just was great. We flew. Now looking for a good record label for our duo with Alan Gunga Purves before hitting the stage at Rolandsbogen Bonn, Germany.

july 15th

Recorded a great CD in Duo with Alan Gunga Purves hopefull we'll find a record company for this. The Live CD with Lotz Of Music for the Belgian Negocito Records takes shape. I have cut down a 110 minutes concert to 50 minutes … pff what a job. The premier with the 'Mandala Tribe' ensemble at Music Meeting Nijmegen went nice and we got a great review! Also did some recordings with 'Mandala Tribe Extended' with violonist Sharat Srivastava from Delhi and guitarist Igor Bezget hailing from Maribor. Very happy with the recital in Duo with old friend and truly fenomenal bass player Eric Surménian at Chez Lily in the French Pyrenees was fantastic. Also due to the sit in of old friend and drummer Laurent Paris. Our next gig is next week in San Sebastian, Spain before I head to Ibiza for four performances.

may 18th

The Nepal and India Tour with Daniel Marques was amazing! Especially in India we got many fantastic reviews : "… takes India by Storm" (Millenium Post India) etc. Now concerts ahead in Holland, Germany, Spain and France. Especially our performance with the 'Mandala Tribe' ensemble merging beats with Indian music is exciting as brand new.

march 13th

April heading to Nepal teaching Jazz Conservatory and performing the Unesco Jazz Day in Kathmandu with the Marques/Lotz Duo. Then touring India in May (New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore). July sees some gigs in Ibiza. Love that life.

january 1rst

2016 saw tours in China, India, Spain, Portugal, Scottland, Poland, Holland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France performing with more than 120 artists. Privileged to live that exciting life and meet many free spirits in music. Dear friends: Thanks for the ride!

december 25th

India Tour was fantastic. I was privileged to perform with fantastic artists who gave me great lessons: Sharat Chandra Srivastava, Mayank Bedekar, Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan, Heiko Dijker, Igor Bezget, David White, Harshit Misra, David Tappeser, Pranai Gurung, Ranjit Arapurakal. Also completed my set of Indian Bamboo flute with flutes by Harsh Wardhan and Kantilal Patel. I came back as a rich man.

september 25th

Flattering review on our concert with Claudio Puntin: "Like no other, this quintet manages to create unusual sounds from their acoustic instruments. Often such that the original sound is no longer recognizable. Add to that sounds from a completely different source – especially Alan Purves and Albert van Veenendaal know the ropes with tape, inflatable animals, toy whistles and what not else – and you have a picture of Lotz Of Music. … Limits simply do not exist here, the music is influenced by diverse musical worlds as jazz, blues, non-Western music, avant-garde, musique concrète and folk. On paper, this looks like an inverted trash. That it does not is the strength of this group, because despite all these musical styles, the pieces sound every time as a wonderful unit, thanks to the compelling and infectious rhythms." (Draai Om Je Oren)

september 19th 

First half of 2016 saw very rewarding shows in China, Spain, Portugal, France, Scottland and Germany at many fantastic Festivals and venues either Solo Flutes or in other settings as well as composed for film and hold masterclasses. The second half of 2016 wilI bring me to Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Mexico and twice India with some new exciting projects in Jazz, New Music and World music. I am privileged to travel the globe and meet free spirits in music. Love this life n' never played better.

july 10th

Some nice summer concerts ahead: With Lotz Of Music in an extended form with clarinetist Claudio Puntin in Belgium and Holland, with Raj Mohan's sophisticated HinduPop Band, Solo gigs in France and again off to Scottland for rehearsal and performances with the David Patrick Tentet, sitting in with Laurent Rochelle, etc etc.

june 6st

Lisboa and Madrid were blast. Performed almost everyday with many many fantastic musicians, legends and lesser know artists in great venues. The cities itself as well as the people, musea, food, booze: enjoyed to full extend! Now facing many exams and preparing my trip to Schottland performing with David Patricks Jazz Tentett Claude Debussy's 'Jeux'!

may 2nd

I'll Tour Portugal and Spain this and next week performing solo recitals, holding a masterclass and collaborate with many fantastic new artists in music. Excited also about traveling and explore Lisboa and Madrid!

april 24th

A nice review by Dongguan HubHao on the last concert of our China Tour with Mark Lotz & A Fula's Call.

april 16th

Shocked and very sad about the sudden death of master Fula guitarist Abu Dijgo. He joined 'A Fula's Call' during our two China Tours. R.I.P Grand Freré.

april 10th

Quite a week: two nice solo concerts in fantastic venues (churches), hoping in in free improv with Steven Kampermann, Sebastian Demydczuk and Michel Massot, new concerts popping up for my little Portugal/Spain Tour and I will  make part of a great new project in Scottland of David Patrick : performing Claude Debussy's 'Jeux' with a Jazz Tentett with many improvised parts just after some gigs in the South Of France. Love that live.

april 2nd

China Tour with 'A Fula's Call' was a blast. Unfortunately Abu Djigo got sick but we managed to proceed as a Trio bravely. Now preparing the next Solo Gigs etc.

february 19rst

Heading to Berlin next week for performances with some great exponents (Korhan ErelMeinrad Kneer, etc) of that vibrant improv scene up there. Tour in China with our A Fula's Call takes shape.  There were some great pictures and sound recordings made of the performance with the Lotz/Purves Duo lately. Love it. Featured at our site.

january 31rst

Can look back to great Concerts with A Fula's Call joining forces with Ernst Reijseger, in Toulouse with Laurent, my Solo performance at Eye created new concerts (I seem to do well, after leaving five crying ladies in Hong Kong with my music), a marvelous gig with Alan Purves at Full Moon Babylon, etc. Confirmed : Lotz Of Music extended with Claudio Puntin in Belgium, heading to Portugal and Spain in May. A new look at my interview with Ferdinand Dupuis-Panter.

november 11th

Back from gorgeous China/Taiwan and back to work at conservatory, music school, guest at a talkshow, rehearsals, concerts with Solo Flutes, Raj Mohan, Genetic Choir, HKU Jazz Flute Quartet, etc. Also I can announce a great new Solo Flutes concert: I'll make the soundtrack for the silent movie 'South' from 1917 (?) at Eye Museum, Amsterdam, January 10th, 2016.

october 12th

Off for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. I will be traveling 10.000's of kilometers and c many many places in many different provinces and meet many many great artists. Fantastic and rewarding. What a priviledged live. Fortunately often behind the great Firewall and probably offline a lot 🙂

september 12th

Great concert review on of the Lack Museum performance and an fantastic interview by Jazzhallo. Wednesday september 9th c's an one hour special on my music at Radio Centraal. More gigs confirmed in China/Taiwan. Looking forward a lot. But first performing gigs Solo, Music Wild Series with Sandip and Lamin, Lotz Of Music at Ijzerstaven, etc.

august 10st

Review on Lotz Of Music's concert published by Draai Om Je Oren: "… what is happening in the deep sea. After the descent shows an exciting world full of strange sounds, tones and effects. Translated exquisite by Lotz and his companions into a visual, colorful, playful and very persuasive sound. If the term world music did not exist, he would have to be invented for this purpose."

august 1st

Solo Flutes tour in China and Taiwan from october 20th till november 8th. Also will collaborate with artists like Dickson Dee and Shih Yang Lee. Gigs ahead in France and Holland with: with Heddy Boubakker, Hervé Perez, Guy BassacAlan Purves , Jalli Lamin KuyatehSolo Flutes.

june 26st

'Mark Lotz & A Fula's Call' will be touring China in october. Looking a lot forward to this. Master Fula guitarist Abu Djigo will be joining us Abu Djigo instead of Bao Sissoko and Jeroen van Vliet. Gigs ahead with: Gerardo Rosales, Solos n' Duo's with Alan Purves , Lotz Of Music, Solo Flutes. A nice new review on Solo Flutes is published by the "Neue Zeitschrift für Musik".

may 18th

Article published in the Dutch Newspaper Haarlemsdagblad on Solo Flutes, Music and other stuff.

may 1rst

Gigs ahead in the coming months with: Solos n' Duo's with Alan Purves , with my HKU Jazz Flute Quartet, as featured guest with the Genetic Choir, Solo Flutes, etc. Check it out!

april 12th 

Litlle Solo Flutes Tour with Recital and Masterclass at the Bremen Conservatory, Forum Neue Musik in Hamburg and Il Sole Cantina in Groningen. Excited.

march 22nd

Added a video and links to the broadcast to the Solo Flute page. Sounds Ok. Have a look!

februari 27th

Finally back home and will starting working on the CD for 'A Fula's Call'. Also preparing 'Solo Flute' performance for TV recordings of Vrije Geluiden, Tabula Rasa performance, a Delicate Dis show in Duo with bass player Tjitze Vogel by artist Marije Nielen, working as advisor for the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten and teaching again! Flute departement Conservatory Utrecht goes strong with our new HKU Jazz Flute Quartet and March will c a workshop with Magic Malik which will be very interesting. A new fantastic review on Solo Flutes this time by the French Le Son Du Grisli!

februari 11th

Heading to Berlin for a great three days gigs at Sowieso with Solo FlutesLotz/Erel DuoMeinrad Kneer and many invited guests.

december 14th

January will c a great 3 week tour to Turkey with gigs with Solo Flutes, Bora Celiker/Mark Lotz Duo and Sarp Maden's band. Some nice events with the Pure Improv Ensemble which I coach at the Utrecht Conservatory. Among others a performance together with Yedo Gibson's 'Royal Improvisers Orchestra' (RIO). February heading to Berlin for a great three days gigs at Sowieso.

november 10th,2014

Nice gigs gigs ahead with Solo Flutes at Mijke & Co, Radio 6, Broadcast, in Utrecht Solo n' Duo with the Lotz/Purves Duo, Leiden & Amsterdam with the m-m-m trio. In Zeist one of my rare classical recitals. My little Tour in Poland in december I had to cancel unfortunately.

october 30th,2014

The Solo Flutes performances at Grounds, Rotterdam and DMG, NYC went great. New shows ahead live for Dutch Radio and in Germany. During my stay in the US three new reviews were published on the Solo Flutes CD release. At 'Nieuwe Noten', 'Draai Om Je Oren' and the French magazine 'Revue & Corigée'.

september 29th,2014

This week four great new reviews were published by New York City Jazz Records Magazine (USA), Citizen Jazz (France) and Uni/Jazz (Czechia) on my 'Solo Flutes' and 'Istanbul Improv Sessions May4th' albi. 

september 15st, 2014

Koen van Meel published a review on Solo Flutes at Kwadratuur (Belgium) and a review is published by the Dutch Jazzism Magazine (rated 41/2 stars!) by Ken Vos on Solo Flutes.

august 28th, 2014

Concerts ahead with M-M-M, Miro Move and Solo this month.

Jazzweekly on Solo Flutes: "You gotta have either a) chops b) chutzpah or c) perfect timing for a horn player to successfully do a solo album. Flautist Mark Alban Lotz throws down the flute gauntlet, and pulls off an impressive salvo." 

august 18th, 2014

Solo Flutes CD has considerable airplay in the US but also abroad. (Sandwiched between Joe Henderson, Jimmy Cobb, Marc Ribot or John Carter feels great.) Here a nice broadcast by Ondo Sonora (Spain). Solo Flutes Cd in one great flow of sonic resonance here with by Nils Potet, Renaud Delmaire and Guardian Angel. Why not have a listen?

august 6th, 2014

Gig in NYC october 19th at Down Town Gallery in Solo and Duo with Cheryl Pyle. Looking forward.

All About Jazz (USA) on Solo Flutes : "The inventive approach of Lotz with his wide array of extended techniques—…—turn these concise pieces into highly vivid, cinematic pieces. …  An arresting tour in the hidden worlds of flutes."

Interview by Musica Jazz (Italy) also regarding my Solo Flutes CD release and flattering reviews published by Salt Peanuts (Norwegia) and Sand-zine (Italy)


july 5th, 2014

Reviews on CD Solo Flutes by Newspaper BN De Stem, Fluit Magazine and Jassepoes (Belgium): "An absolute must as it is a real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape."

june 29th, 2014

Reviews on Solo Flutes keep coming:

  • Listed by David R. Adler ([email protected] Columnist) in the "New Recommended Releases" in the juni edition of NYC Jazz Record Magazine.
  • "Lotz does not forget for one second to make music.  A very nice listening album." (Leeuwaarder Courant) • "Intriguing music with a great sense of humor. Another fine piece of work of this master improviser, tribute!" (Rootstime, Belgium). 

june 16th, 2014

CKUT on CD Solo Flutes"…it is among the best I have heard this year in terms of musicality and creativity, thanks again!"

German Jazzpodium on CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th" …. – a document of perfect craftsmanship."

june 6th, 2014

Gigs ahead this month: Solo, a revival of the T(w)o-Do Duet with Tjitze Vogel, At the Ajuma Beach with Stefan Schmid and Anton Goudsmit, Miro Move and at a Benefit for drummer Alan Purves.

Peter Sheridan (Australia) on Solo Flutes: "This artist, fine flutist and overall creative genius is redefining the sonic palette of all flutes. His understanding and feeling for the use of extended techniques is extraordinary. A must recording for the lovers of new sounds and cool grooves. I cannot wait for the next album…….. (More soon:)"

may 30, 2014

Portugeese Jazz Magazine on CD Solo Flutes: "Reveals himself as an interesting sound architect of a different kind!

Czech His Voice Magazine: „ …one of the most agile experimental jazz instrumentalists. His flute performance is an inexhaustible tool of free expression, breaking down musical boundaries.  …The expressive range on this album is astonishing. … presents the purest (and most honest) form of free improvisation. It is inviting you to an adventurous trip into the realm of sounds, tones and colors.”

Dutch Jazzenzo webblog on CD Solo Flutes: " … literally: a mantra on a piece of PVC pipe. So beautiful, you can make music. … a repository of influences , waywardly picked together by this great 'going his own way' instrumentalist, penetrating performed."

may 28, 2014

Loads of fantastic reviews, one hour specials on the CD Solo Flutes at Dutch and French radio. Airplay in the US, Canada, Luxemburg, Germany, Colombia, Peru, Holland, Spain, Swiss, France.

  • “Lotz is a fantastic flutist, evincing great command, facility and imagination. … intriguingly impressive.” (Just Outside, France)
  • (Flute Focus) "Pure Genius.”
  • (WRUV"Imaginative performance."
  • (The Flash Boston"So many solo records can be austere, or just plain pretty. Lotz fleshes out his work, with harmonics, and sometimes voice, for a one man trio. It’s sweet, deep, and humorous."

may 13, 2014

Reviews on CD Solo Flutes at Vera Vingerhoeds Blog, and at Jazzflits „A quirky and playful album by a ‚race improviser’.” (Jazzflits, P.J.Korten)

may 11, 2014

Holly Moors Magazine review on CD Solo Flutes: „ …  flawless musical feeling, resulting in evermore thrilling improvisations and compositions. One hour solo flute, looks on paper quite dull, in practice it is extremely exciting and varied. And do not forget one thing : this is not heavy avant-garde, in the first place this is primarily just tremendous music!”

may 5, 2014

The CD 'Solo Flutes' LopLop Records is released. It contains 17 tracks of Solo Flutes with compositions and improvisations in contemporary music. Features the whole family of flutes: from piccolo to pvc contra bass flute and prepared flute. The compositions and improvisations are played in one go, live. No use of overdubs, loops, sound processing, etc. It was fun to record. Enjoy.

A nice review on our CD u-ex(perimental)  is published by Holly Moors Webzine. Featuring many great exponents of the Amsterdam improv scene.

march 24, 2014

The music of my debut CD 'mostly harmless …" in the duo T(w)o-Do with bass player and long time musical partner Tjitze Vogel is used as the music for the short film Elsewhere by Australian director Madeleine Blackwell. Nice to see how even an older release comes to live again!

Jacques Los wrote a great review on my little mini Festival 'A Night Of Lotz Of Music' at the Draai Om Je Oren weblog. Some Quotes:  "Lotz impressed Solo."; With Anton Goudsmit and Alan Purves: "I advice the the serious jazzclubs in Holland to book this Trio right away."

march 19, 2014

Recordings for my first solo flute CD will finally going to be mixed this week. I am very excited about this! The demo for our new Snijders/Os/Lotz Trio are finished and sound nice! Beautiful spheric music. Check it out! April c's 2 gigs in Rasa, Utrecht with Neco Novellas, Stefan Schmid, Osama Meleedi as part of the 'Music: Wild Series', and a flute duet with Bretonian virtuoso Jean-Luc Thomas at the Baraná Festival!

march 7, 2014

12 March c's a special in Zaal 100 with : Lotz Solo, Duo Tuinstra/Sued and Duo Lotz/Purves with Anton Goudsmit as guest. Why not drop by? Also still busy with recordings for my first solo flute CD . The recordings went bad as I recorded them badly. Damn … . Have to overdo them and little time. Still the effect is now I have more experience! We recorded a nice demo with our trio Snijders/Os/Lotz. Looking forward to the mix!

februari 2, 2014

Busy with A Fula's Call's second CD. Afra Mussawisade and Omar Ka did a great job last week recording three days of vocals. Will be a great album! Also busy with recordings for my first solo flute CD which will be finished soon! This week sees two concerts with a new formed trio Snijders/Os/Lotz. A nice update and now with a lot of own compositions as well.

december 20, 2013

Heading to Berlin to work a week on my solo programme in total isolation an' solitude. An exciting city must inspire!

november 29, 2013

  • Part of some improvised performances with a.o. Bram Stadshouders, Robert van Heumen broadcasted live at the Nieuwe Muziek – Crosslinks programme of the Conzertzender Radio (The Netherlands) december 1rst.  An interview on our IstanPOOL project will be broadcasted around 18.30 o'clock. Why not tune in?
  • My first solo performance will be held december 8th at the Kofferbak edition at North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam. Looking forward to this a lot.

november 2, 2013 

Performances ahead with

october 5, 2013


july 20, 2013

  • Did some nice overdubs for our new Cd with A Fula's Call in Rotterdam lately.
  • In the vacation will start my solo project (10 compositions) I am commissioned for by the Fonds for Podiumkunsten. Think about what, how, when, … compose and practice!


july 2, 2013

A video is published on YouTube of the track of the CD of Ngaari-Laaw “Laureats Du Concours Sous-Regional de “Chansons Sur l’Eau Et l’Environnement”. Hopefully the Groupe Du Fleuve project will see its premier in Senegal this year.


may 30, 2013

Working a lot on this site right during these days. Feel free to give me some feedback. If you find a mistake please let me know. I am not a native English speaker.


may 13, 2013

  • Tour to Turkey was fantastic. Lots of concerts with many different musicians and settings. Ranging from Mainstream to Free Jazz. Two videos are placed on Youtube with the Sibel Köse/Mark Lotz Quintet.
  • Now have to start to do some serious work on our CD with A Fula's Call.
  • Concerts ahead with Omar Ka and Marieke Snijders.


april 10, 2013

  • Tour in French Guiana in October is confirmed. Nice.
  • But first have to prepare my trip to Istanbul in April. Concerts with Korhan Erel, Islak Köpek, Paul Chagas, Sibel Köse, Duygur Demir, etc.
  • Recording for Raj Mohan a.o. with the Zapp String Quartet. They play well.


march 19, 19.04

Wednesday and thursday 20 & 21 march there is a Flute Festival at the HKU Utrecht. Concerts, masterclasses and workshops by: Jean Michel Tanguy, Wilbert Hazelet, Heiko Ter Schegget, Aldo Baerten and myself. Why not drop by?


march 12, 10:12

I uploaded some video shoots of our CD recording In Havana, Cuba. Nice to witness this after the years. Have a look at Youtube.


februari 20, 16:18

Tonight at 23 o'clock the first broadcast by the VPRO of the U-Jazz Festival 2012 edition: the Concerts of 'Mark Lotz Meets Don Byron , the Marc Scholten Quartet and airplay of the new CD of Ad Colen. Why not tune in?


january 09, 11:31

A review on our Lotz Of Music performance with Don Byron at the U-Jazz Festival at Draaiomjeoren.


january 08, 13:06

  • Back from three weeks Senegal, Dakar. Lived a wild life there. Loved it. Recorded a lot of music there for the new CD of Mark Lotz & Omar Ka, A Fula's Call.
  • Volkskrant on the performance with Lotz Of Music featuring Don Byron:  'the most impressive concert of the whole U-Jazz Festival and breathtaking beautyfull'.
  • A Downbeat review on the: u-experimental CD which I released together with bassplayer Meinrad Kneer on Evil Rabbit Records