Monsieur Delire (Canada)
\"Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit.\" (This music is slithering and shaking with life.) (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
\"A real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.\" (on CD Solo Flutes)
Uni/Jazz Magazine (Czech Republic)
\"Seventeen compositions full of provocative explosiveness and exuberance.\"
\"It is among the best I have heard this year in terms of musicality and creativity.\" (on CD Solo Flutes)
KZSU, Zookeeper (USA)
\"Oh, how awesome is this... It’s fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a \'brim-bram\'. ... Very cool.\" (CD Bite!)
Draai Om Je Oren (2014)
\"With the very first beat of the CD you already are fully mesmerized. It is the staccato of the bass flute which immediately grabs your unconditional attention. This won’t be different throughout the whole CD, also with the other flutes – magnificent solo recital.\" (CD Solo Flutes)
\"This is what the world needs - honest, organic, natural collaborations where heart meets sound. \'DELIGHTFUL, ROBUST, STRONG, and a host of other adjectives I\'d ascribe to this beautiful release. It is a powerful moment to surrender to what the music wants [to be].\" (CD Liingu)
Jazz Now (USA)
\"You should visit Lop Lop\'s Web site last week if not sooner, and pick this up straightaway.\" (CD Globalistics)
All About Jazz (USA)
\"Blue Moods is one of the most satisfying flute-jazz offerings in recent memory.\" (CD Blue Moods With The Mark Lotz Quartet)
Vrij Nederland (The Netherlands)
\"An astonishing, exceptional level of spontaneous interaction. The capacity of Lotz coming directly to the essence in all the different settings really takes you by suprise. This is free music in its most universal variation.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th)
Jazzscene, Tim Sprangers (The Netherlands)
\"Listening you become aware that here some substantial music is being made.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
Saarlouiser Rundschau (Germany)
\"Sensible virtuosity and disarming sovereignty. As a trendsetter and master of improvisation any \'tittle - tattle\' is abandoned. They inspire with arrangements of magic quality. A \'Jazz - horn of plenty\' of superior class!\" (CD Puasong Daffriek)
CMJ New Music Report (NYC, USA)
\"They are going to make some real noise.\" (CD Pumkin Diaries)
Big Band (The Netherlands)
\"Without a doubt the best Dutch production of traditional Afro Cuban music EVER.\" (CD Blues For Yemayá)
KIPO (Hawai, USA)
\"I love the album\'s energy and the musicianship is top-notch. I was so impressed with the release that it made the 1 spot on my monthly report to NAR.\" (CD Liingu)
Jazzism (The Netherlands)
\"Here it happens! What a glittering Dutch production! A Fula\'s Call is a coherent mix of cultures. .. the result is more than a mix of just being guests of each other ... self exceeding ... happily ... splendid ... masterful ... .\" (CD Liingu)
Jazz Now (UK)
\"... can\'t say enough good about this one either. Lotz, as ever, wields an estimable selection of flutes and melodic hooks (first time out of the mailing envelope, I played the opening, highly Stravinsky-esque \'Cowboy Game\' eleven times in a row.\"
Spin The Globe (USA)
\"Fantastic Fulani Fusion. A stellar example of acoustic global fusion from artists at the top of their game.\" (CD Liingu)
\'\'You should visit Lop Lop\'s Web site last week if not sooner, and pick this up straightaway.\" (CD Globalistics)
Politiken (Denmark)
\"Fascinating sound art and music concrete poetry.\" (Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
Free Jazz Alchemist (Belgium)
\"For all I feel it\'s profoundly humane, for all I know it doesn\'t hold any barriers of culture, race, language, religion, time and space. A democratic and universal form of personal expression and communication.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
Mescalina (Italy)
\"Fresh music, beyond every barrier, including electronic, electric and acoustic, between composed and improvised, classic and avant-garde.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
His Voice (Slovakia)
\"Lotz, Kneer and their guests magnetically attract a surprising response. All this topped to soothingly melodic conclusion ... . Musical adventure? Rely on it!\" (CD u-ex(perimental))
All About Jazz (USA)
\"Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th is an imaginative, surprisingly accessible and masterful demonstration of truly adventurous musical minds.\" (CDIstanbul Improv Sessions May 5th)
Jazz (Swiss, rated 4 stars!)
\"Connection of different inputs from newest live-electronics up to John Cage and Free Jazz.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th)
All About Jazz (USA)
\"Sound is captured and manifested into startling shapes and becomes not only a harbinger of the essence of this record but also the messenger of the power of invention.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th)
Jazz Series Review (USA)
\"Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has produced one of the more oddly gorgeous recordings I\'ve listened to this year.\" (CD Pumkin Diaries)
Volkskrant newspaper (The Netherlands, rated four stars))
\"Atmospheric and enchanting.\" (CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th)
Downbeat (USA)
\"The core duo of Lotz and Kneer have a clear rapport and sonic identity marking their abstract improvisations with a frictive astringency!\" (CD u-ex(perimental))
Fono & Stereo Welt (Germany, rated 5 stars!)
\"Hooked!\" (CD Bite!)
\'\'Embracing a celebration of life - a colorful cross-cultural sampling of musical compositions.\'\' (CD Globalistics)
Brabants Nieuwsblad (The Netherlands)
\"World music nowadays is as broad as a continent, but here you find a group who is heading definitely for a new direction. These fourteen tracks take you by surprise.\" (CD Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes)
\"It\'s the amalgam that amazes here.\" (CD Globalistics)
Toma Jazz (Spain)
\"Moments of great intensity.\" (CD u-ex(perimental))
Jazz Now (UK)
\"Beautifully done, sprightly and satisfying throughout. One of my favorites this year.\" (CD Pumkin Diaries)
Jazz Series Review (USA)
\"Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has produced one of the more oddly gorgeous recordings I\'ve listened to this year.\" (CD Pumkin Diaries)
Modern Drummer
\"This tri-continental orchestra is a PC critic\'s dream. There is something really deep and moving here.\" (CD Globalistics)
\"It\'s a sense of comradely fun that music brings on like nothing else. They definitely hit a lot of the right nerves with an infectious palette of rhythms, melodies and thoughtful exchanges of musical ideas. A refreshing, pleasurable disc.\" (CD Globalistics)
Jazz Now (UK)
\"... can\'t say enough good about this one either. Lotz, as ever, wields an estimable selection of flutes and melodic hooks (first time out of the mailing envelope, I played the opening, highly Stravinsky-esque \'Cowboy Game\' eleven times in a row before.\" (CD Pendant La Nuit)
World Music Central (USA)
\"Paris watch out, one of the finest contemporary West African CDs came out of The Netherlands!\" (CD Liingu)
PBS (Australia)
\"A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field.\" (CD Bite!)
Rootstown Music (UK)
\"Miles away from convivial Cuban dance music but hitting the essence of Origin.\" (CD Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes)

(click the respective picture to get to the CD page and listen to the music) 



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