Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt)
\"The band\'s harmonious, soulful melodies captivate and their more upbeat tunes may get you shaking. What\'s for sure is that their musical blend of jazz with African tunes are in perfect harmony -- as the group itself seemed to be.\" (Mark Lotz & A Fula\'s Call)
Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands)
\"Five free spirits in an exciting collaboration. Surprising, urgent, visionary.\" (Mark Lotz Meets Don Byron)
Groninger Dagblad (The Netherlands)
\"Mysterious and increasingly penetrating ostinatos evoke an athmosphere of strange rituals.\" (Shango\'s Dance)
Financial Times, (London, UK)
\"Harmony that transcends boundaries. Some 21st-century convivencia was on display.\" (Mark Lotz & A Fula\'s Call)
WAZ (Germany)
\"This concert expands the limits of music and art. Concert from another planet.\" (Vogel/Lotz, noisiVision)
Het Parool (The Netherlands)
\"And suddenly you find a masterpiece on the Parade: Pendant La Nuit! Music theater of the highest level.\" (Lotz Of Music, Pendant La Nuit)
Volkskrant (The Netherlands)
\"Bach with a Balkan Overdrive. Exciting dialog between Moldavian and Dutch Musicians.\" (Moldavia Calls)
Mojo Magazine (UK)
\"An evening of truly tentative improv from German flute player Mark Lotz and Istanbul band Islak Köpek.\" (Mark Lotz/Islak Köpek)
Kiev Telegraaf (Russia)
\"The favourite of the Odessa public.\" (Mark Lotz & A Fula\'s Call)
Volkskrant (The Netherlands)
\"Flautist Mark Alban Lotz who gave the most impressive concert. Creative and intense interpretations (improvisations) ... breathtaking beautifull!\" (Mark Lotz Meets Don Byron)
Het Parool (The Netherlands)
\"Focus on colours with Lotz Of Music. The Highlight of the SJU Jazz Festival 2005.\" (Lotz Of Music)
Nürnberger Abend Zeiting (Germany)
\"A new \'Jack-o\'-lantern\' Sound Komet on a mystical trip.\" (Afro Lounge, nEw YorUba BeAt)
NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)
\"The North Sea Jazz Festival\'s audience was hypnotized by the sacral athmosphere Lotz\'s interpretations of Cuban Santeria music materialized.\" (Mark Lotz & Shango\'s Dance)
Bonner Rundschau (Germany)
\"\'Lotz Of Music\' is improvisation at it\'s best!\" (Lotz Of Music)
Schwäbische Post (Germany)
\"Brilliant performance.\" (Vogel/Lotz, t(w)o-Do)
Muzykalnaya Europa (Russia)
\"The discovery of the 5\'th International Ethno-Jazz Festival of Chisnau.\" (Mark Lotz & A Fula\'s Call)
Draaiomjeoren (The Netherlands)
\"Lotz en Freeman impress at the SJU Jazz Festival. The band played an enormous subtle and fascinating set.\" (Lotz Of Music)
General Anzeiger (Germany)
\"Freed from the static of the chairs the public absorbed the kinetic energy of \'Shango\'s Dance\'.\" (Mark Lotz & Shango\'s Dance)
Haarlems Dagblad (The Netherlands)
\"Challenge and virtuosity with Moldavia Calls.\" (Moldavia Calls. )
Neuburger Rundschau (Germany)
\"A stimulating and vital mixture of all manners of playing jazz. \'Lotz Of Music\' offers creative variety in this all too often dusty, formalistic world of jazz.\" (Lotz Of Music)
Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
\"This is the time of discoveries in Jazz.\" (Lotz Of Music)


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