On CD Blues For Yemayá CD-Blues For Yemaya-coverby Lotz Of Music In Havana

  • “Blues for Yemayá should be looked at as the most successful multicultural project of the nineties.” (Music and show & draaiomjeoren.com, The Netherlands)
  • “The CDs by Mark Alban Lotz are the best examples I’ve heard of successfully blending bata drums with non-Latin music. I highly recommend them.” (Mark Corrales, batadrums.com, USA)
  • “Without a doubt the best dutch production of traditional Afro Cuban music ever.” (Big Band, The Netherlands)
  • “The funny thing is: Lotz has nothing to do with the son revival going three or even four steps beyond it!” (Nieuwsblad v.h. Noorden, The Netherlands)

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  • “A wonderful album!” (Pleasure, The Netherlands)
  • “The jazz harmonies and rythms enrich the songs, adding intriguing new dimensions.” (Oye Listen, The Netherlands)
  • “This music combines the passion of religious chants, the authentic swing of caribean tradition and the masculine solidity of jazz with the authentic attraction of the mix of that whole.” (Jazz Nu, The Netherlands)
  • “A treasure of study material!” (Algemeen Dagblad, The Netherlands)
  • “The result of that musical combinations is of wonderful beauty.” (BN, The Netherlands)
  • “True fans of Afro-Cuban jazz and folk music will love this CD! Recommended to students of Afro-Cuban folklore and music.” (Jazz Review, USA)
  • “The exciting and surprising musical discoveries dominate throughout this remarkable project.” (Fluit, The Netherlands)
  • “Lotz ingeniously succeeds in constructing two different musical traditions into one new unity.” (NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands)
  • “The concept sounds as natural as birdsong.” (Pan, UK)
  • “A pearl in my collection.” (Goois Nieuwsblad, Jan Rensen, The Netherlands)