On CB Bite by Lotz Of Music CD-Bite!-cover

  • “Hooked!” (Fono & Stereo Welt, (rated the maximum of five stars) Germany)
  • “A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field.” (P.Merret, PBS, Australia)
  • “Lotz of Music created with Bite! another masterwork!. This Cd is worth to score high in the year lists. A must have!” (Mazzmusicas (former Rootstown) Belgium)
  • “Fresh, entertaining and uplifting music.” (All About Jazz, USA)
  • “Again a memorable album in the rich and capricious oevre of Lotz.” (Jazzenzo, The Netherlands)

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  • “Atmospheric and enchanting.” (Volkskrant newspaper (rated the four stars) The Netherlands)
  • “Uncomparable unique sound world.” (Jazzflits, The Netherlands)
  • “Is this still jazz? … no but greatly performed music where the joy of playing is blasting off.” (Cultuur Podium, The Netherlands)
  • “Oh, how awesome is this… It’s fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a ‘brim-bram’… Very cool.” (KZSU, Zookeeper, USA)
  • “His (Lotz) most sparkling CD ever.” (Mixed magazine & Teteretet, The Netherlands)
  • “Again Lotz provides an exciting musical journey not only bloody beautifull but humerous as well.” (Moorsmagazine, The Netherlands)
  • “Fishsounds within intelligent and creative music. Stronly focused and wrapped in a stereo box.” (Cultura Magazine, Russia)
  • “Incredible fish sounds and intonations of under water life.” (Max Magazine, Ukraine)
  • “Mark Alban Lotz has a new CD out called “bite!” which really is worth many listens.” (Avant Music News, USA)
  • “This is not your average disc. Surprisingly, for all of the oddness contained in the instrumentation, this doesnt sound all that strange. .. this is a unique blend!” (Cadence Magazine, USA)
  • “La musique, 19 pièces, est splendide: plutôt accessible, souvent surprenante, parfois attachante même. Entre jazz, musique contemporaine et musique actuelle.” (“The music, 19 short tracks, is gorgeous: rather accessible, often surprising, endearing at times. Between jazz, modern chamber music, and musique actuelle.” ) (Monsieur Delire, Canada)
  • “This CD presents surprising interesting results on the unique borderline of contemporay composed and improvised music.” (Draai Om Je Oren, The Netherlands)