On CD Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes by Mark Lotz & Shango’s Dance CD-Cuban-fish-cover

  • “Combining smart and funky contempo jazz with Afro-Cuban ritual music is always a good idea but it doesn’t always work. No one is better at it then Mark Lotz! It’s a mix he’s gotten good at, like the person designated to make the fresh squeeze lemonade because they make it best.” (Latin Jazz Program, Jazzbuffalo, USA)
  • “…. striking outing from the Netherlands. …veering between the campfires of enslaved Cuban worshippers and the smoke-filled clubs of New York.” (FLY Global Music Magazine, UK)
  • “Miles away from convivial Cuban dance music but hitting the essence of Origin.” (Rootstown Music, USA)
  • “A stew of bata rhythms peppered with uplifting solos. Envigorating energy and a spiritual edge.” (Straight No Chaser, UK)

slideshow press CD Cuban Fishes make Good Dishes (click foto to open and start) 

  • “Magical and remarkable: The Improvisations within the jazz domein always articulate without hurting the Yoruba tradition!” (Jazz Hot, France)
  • “One of the best seven percussion driven releases of the year.” (Music feature by Jason Finkelman, The Hub – hubweekly.com, USA)
  • “An album full of mysticism.” (Pleasure, The Netherlands)
  • “… if you just love to be adventurous, then this is one to get you by the winter blah’s. It is a wonderful mix of Afro-Cuban, religious folklore and jazz.” (Editors Pick, Jazz Week, USA)
  • “World music nowadays is as broad as a continent, but here you find a group who is heading definitely for a new direction. These fourteen tracks take you by surprise.” (Brabants Nieuwsblad, The Netherlands)
  • “Glowing folkloric singing with spicy harmonies and contrasting rhythms.” (Fluit, The Netherlands)
  • This project is full of energy and abundance.” (Jazz magazine – rated four stars, The Netherlands)
  • “The ensemble jams Cuban, Jazz and raga elements into a sensuous mix.” (Cadence Jazz magazine, USA)
  • “… effectively combining Afro-Cuban ethnic/religious music with jazz structures that often sound remarkably close to “third stream”. (One Final Note, USA)
  • “… , this shouldn’t be missed.” (Allmusic, USA)
  • “This record is a bombe” (Descarga, USA)
  • “With his latest CD, Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes he delivered a small masterpiece.” (Gonzo Cirus)