On CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th,CD-Istanbul-Improv-Sessions-May-5'th-cover

by Mark Alban Lotz

  • “Lotz behaves like a fish in the water here … producing the most wonderous sounds. No musical mash or disorientated freaky playing here but subtleness and good balance between electronic and acoustic sound manipulation. Prooves that anno 2010 improvisation is an international spoken language.” (Jazzflits, The Netherlands)
  • “No categorisation to find here. Maybe: ‘Freejazzworldfusion with a wink’? For every listener with open ears longing for adventure.” (Moorsmagazine, The Netherlands)
  • “Lotz not only is a distinguished flutist but also one with sharp ears. Sparkling sound pictures … the result is surprisingly accessible!” (Volkskrant Newpaper, The Netherlands)
  • “Lotz’ collaborators …. on the evidence of this album, seems to be full of invention, ability and humor. … . At times troubling, at others funny and warm, the music on Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th has impressive depth and richness.” (All About Jazz, B.Lindsay, USA)

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  • “Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th is an imaginative, surprisingly accessible and masterful demonstration of truly adventurous musical minds.” (All About Jazz, E.Hareuveni, Israel)
  • “Istanbul one of the world centers of improvised music. It is very noticable how under the leadership of Mark Lotz, the Turkish improvisers known for their feverish performance are performing subtle, collegial interupted with occasional appropriate screams.” (Uni Magazine, Czech Republic)
  • “Careful creations of intensive and inspired soundscapes. Group improvisations on an highly interesting level.” (Draai om je oren, Jacques Los, The Netherlands)
  • “Sound is captured and manifested into startling shapes and becomes not only a harbinger of the essence of this record but also the messenger of the power of invention.” (All About Jazz, J.D’Souza, Canada)
  • “Committed to express every abrasive timbre that can be pulled, pushed and whapped from an instrument, the cacophonous result of mouthpiece squeezed split tones, twittering bird calls, buzzing guitar reverb and brassy, flat-line trumpeting becomes as exciting as it is impudent.” (Jazzword, K.Waxman, USA)
  • “… privileges the rough sound, out of which an intimate, fragmentary proximate musical quality is born.” (Citizen Jazz, France)
  • “The total interplay total, as well as absolute freedom, irony and understatement are the elements of strong emotion here.” (Jazz Italia, Italy)
  • “… a voucher of perfect craftmanship.” (Jazzpodium, Germany)