On CD Pendant La Nuit by Lotz Of Music CD-Pendant-La-Nuit-cover

  • “Here you hear how to make the most beautiful music within the most unthinkable instrument setting.” (Brabants Dagblad, Rinus van der Heijden, The Netherlands)
  • “Spontaneous improvised miniatures and elaborate songs.” (Jazz Magazine, Ken Vos – rated four stars, The Netherlands)
  • “Pendant la Nuit is the kind of CD you set your CD player on repeat and let it play a whole evening.” (Jazzflits, , The Netherlands)
  • “… can’t say enough good about this one either. Lotz, as ever, wields an estimable selection of flutes and melodic hooks (first time out of the mailing envelope, I played the opening, highly Stravinsky-esque ‘Cowboy Game’ eleven times in a row before I went on to the next track).” (Jazz Now, Ken Egbert, USA)

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  • “The music is as iridescent and colorful as the biography of multiflautist Mark Alban Lotz. A collection of great miniatures … toy instruments and ‘objects trouvés’ make ‘Cowboy game’ a sound jewel.” (Jazzdimensions, Germany)
  • “… they demonstrate no small amount of ingenuity.” (All About Jazz, USA
  • “A varied and easy to listen too album, much more than merely a decor for a theater play.” (Draai om je oren, The Netherlands)
  • “Pendant La Nuit changes between subtle jazz and ethnic tuned chambermusic – intimate melodicness up to passionated sound sculptures. Cowboy like playfullness to introvert dreamness. A happy album. Challenging to unproblematic listing but maintains it’s high musical quality.” (Uni Magazine, Czech Republic)