Cd Liingu by Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call CD-Liingu -cover

  • “Fantastic Fulani Fusion. A stellar example of acoustic global fusion from artists at the top of their game.” (Spin The Globe, USA)
  • “Paris watch out, one of the finest contemporary West African CDs came out of The Netherlands. An exciting blend of Fula Music with … .” (World Music Central, USA)
  • “You do not need words to understand what every individium tells you on this penetrating album. Mark Lotz and his musicians are knitting one juwel after the other here. Everything falls on its place with this pure pearl.” (Jazzenzo, Rinus van der Heijden, The Netherlands)
  • “Excellently sequenced and mixed it is extremely satisfying experience from start to finish.” (Fly Global Music Magazine, UK)

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  • “I love the album’s energy and the musicianship is top-notch. I was so impressed with the release that it made the 1 spot on my monthly report to NAR.” (KIPO, Hawai Public Radio, Lilian Tsang)
  • “It’s a very unique and beautiful sound. Omar’s voice is absolutely haunting. A Fula’s Call demonstrates what happens when people cast their cultural differences aside and join forces for a common cause.” (, Tomas Pena, USA)
  • “A Fula’s Call, an astonishingly beautiful recording that seamlessly weaves music with tales of the nomadic life, the walk to Mecca, peace, harmony, happiness, truth, honesty justice and the horrors of war.” (Latin jazz Network, USA)
  • “The recently released cd Liingu is the result of this perfect mix of the best that different cultures have to offer. Everybody should listen to. The tracks make you travel, almost floating on the river Niger.” (Africa News, Tontonjovo)
  • “The intonations of Senegal, Iran, Europe and India intermingles into a music sensitive peacefuly federated in the jazz of today.” (ZunZun Magazine, France)
  • “Four world class musicians.” (Dagblad Trouw, Armand Serpenti, The Netherlands)

slideshow press CD Liingu (click on foto to open and start)

  • “Liingu is very alternating, with no dul moment – no chance to sit still anymore. Wonderful creative music!” (Fluit, Mia Dreese, the Netherlands)
  • “Adventurous world fusion. … . Splendid, splendid!” (Moorsmagazine, the Netherlands)
  • “This is what the world needs – honest, organic, natural collaborations where heart meets sound. ‘DELIGHTFUL, ROBUST, STRONG, and a host of other adjectives I’d ascribe to this beautiful release. It is a powerful moment to surrender to what the music wants [to be].” (KBCS, D. DeCarlo, USA)
  • “Here it happens! What a glittering Dutch production! A Fula’s Call is a coherent mix of cultures. .. the result is more than a mix of just being guests of each other … self exceeding … happily … splendid … masterful …” (Jazzism, Remco Taken, rated five stars, the Netherlands)
  • “A CD as strong as iron. … sounds breathtaking!” (Mazzmuzika (former Rootsworld))
  • Somehow, each component retains its crunchy identity.” (Financial Times, David Honigmann, UK)
  • “Without apearing artificial they unit different musical worlds with great ease to a design that fits no prefixed drawer.” (Folker Magazin, Claudia Frenzel, Germany)
  • “Liingu is so appealing by it’s honesty of the music and it’s cosmopolitical character. A special album, listening to it a lot, giving you ever more perspectives.” (, Frank Huser, the Netherlands)
  • “The tracks take you along. Almost floating on the Niger. Especially the track which lasts 10 minutes brings you into ecstasy.” (Mixite, the Netherlands)