A Dutch View On Fish

musical impression on the adventurous entertainment under water (2009-2010)

CD Bite!

features the electrifying sounds of the Brim Bram!

A Dutch View On Fish is a multi-media performance within a combination of live video with live music: Lotz Of Music versus VJ Soundshadow.

‘A Dutch View’ on the adventurous and surprising musical entertainment you find under the sea. Every tune focus in a way or another on underwater music. The instrumentation is unique, the serene music and performance is inspiring with an infectious joy of playing. An electrifying experience of a different kind of a jazz concert.


Several Dutch Composers wrote a fish track for ‘A Dutch View On Fish’: Stefan Kruger, Ernst Reijseger, Michael Moore, Steven Kamperman, Tjitze Vogel, Alan Laurillard, Arend Niks, Mark Alban Lotz, Albert Van Veenendaal. 


Our dear friend cello player Lysander Le Coultre died January 29’th 2009 in Amsterdam. We were terribly shocked by the sudden loss of our vriend. The CD Bite! forms his musical legacy.

Line up

VJ Soundshadow (video animation)

Mark Alban Lotz (family of flutes)

Albert Van Veenendaal (prepared piano, samples)

Jörg Brinkmann (cello)

Alan Purves (percussion, sound -objects, Brim Bram)

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