Afro Lounge

neW yoRUba BeAt (2002-2003)

Press on Afro Lounge

Nürnberger Abend Zeitung (Germany 2003)
“A new ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ sound comet on a mystical trip.”

Afro-cuban folklore music in House beats (2002-2003). A collaboration of Dj Cycle (Erik van Putten) and flautist Mark Alban Lotz with Ariel Bridon Romero.

Dj Cycle and Lotz both had a musical history of producing and recording their interpretations of Afro Cuban religious folklore music. Their fascination for this music was quick-alive still. When Ariel Romero Bridon (first soloist of the Conjunto Folklorico de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba) joined the team ‘Afro Lounge’ was born.

Here they were heading for new directions: they placed the old Yoruba melodies from West Africa into a new context: jazzy house music. Next to the music of the Yoruba and Cuban folkore elements of Brazilian music and the musica popular, influences of Indian music can be found in their dynamic ‘Afro-mix’.

Before, Dj Cycle and Lotz collaborated in their ‘Shiva’s Lounge‘ ensemble.


Concerts in Holland and Gostenhofer Jazztage 2003 (Germany)

Line up

Core line up

Ariel Bridon Romero (vocals)

Erik Putten (sampling)

Mark Alban Lotz (flutes)

featuring either

Mirta Junco (vocals)

Patricia Cruz (vocals)

Afra Mussawisade (percussion)

Jens Kerkhoff (percussion)

Jos De Haas (percussion)