CD ‘Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes’

by Mark Lotz & Shango’s Dance

The third release of the ‘Yoruba trilogy’ of Mark Lotz with his interpretations of religious folklore music from the Afro Cuban Santería tradition. A fresh Euro-African sound within the ancient songs and dances the Cubans use to worship their West African ancestors and gods. Recorded in the Netherlands and Cuba featuring soloists from Conjunto Folklorico de Oriente, Conjunto Folklorico de National de Cuba and Yoruba Anabo.

LopLop Productions The Netherlands &
Random Chance Records NYC, USA 2004

Recorded april 1997 at ICAIC studios, Havana, Cuba and january-december 2002 at the Kwetterhof studios, Wormerveer, the Netherlands

Mixed and edited by Evert Woud


Rootstown Music (USA)

“Miles away from convivial Cuban dance music but hitting the essence of Origin.”

Descarga (USA)

“This record is a bombe” 

FLY Global Music Magazine (UK)

“Striking outing from the Netherlands. Veering between the campfires of enslaved Cuban worshippers and the smoke-filled clubs of New York.” 

Allmusic, USA

“This shouldn’t be missed.”

Jazz magazine (rated four stars, The Netherlands)

“This project is full of energy and abundance.” 

Straight No Chaser (UK)

“A stew of bata rhythms peppered with uplifting solos. Envigorating energy and a spiritual edge.”