‘CD Food Foragers’

by Mark Lotz/Alan Purves

Percussion, toys and surprising sound objects meet the family of of flutes and electronics. Music ranges from minimal to jazz, noise and world.

Unit Records 2018

Recorded, mastered and edited by Björn Warning, Warning Studio, Amsterdam at June 12 & 28, 2017
Released by Unit Records march 2018


All About Jazz (USA)

“Let’s see—Campfire music? Check. Star gazing music? Check. Dance music? Check. Dream music? Check. Road music? Check. That’s Food Foragers.“ 

Jazznu (The Netherlands)

“Musicians who have disregard on conventions are thinly sown. The Netherlands has at least two.” 

The Whole Note (Canada)

“There’s never a dull moment. Intriguing!”

Passagio (The Netherlands)

“‘Sirene-like’, hauting music! Hypnotic as Sirens.”

Longplay (Poland)

55 minutes takes us to an alternative reality, created by music we have never known before.“

Fons-Immortalis (Germany)

“Incredibly varied and pointed music. I am touched by the intensity and seriousness. The result is overwhelming.” 

Diário do Alentejo (Portugal)

“Emotion Machine. Hypnotic percussions, enchanting melodies and sounds of uncertain provenance co-exist in this construction of an emotional kaleidoscope that is capable of transporting us to distant geographies as well as to the secret world within us.”

Jazznu (The Netherlands)

“Penetrating document. All this from the box of two unfortunately – sometimes – unsung geniuses.”