CD Freshta

by Mark Lotz

The album is dedicated to the memory of female activist Freshta Kohistani. It is the result of the composition assignment by the Dutch author organization BUMA and the Federation Of Dutch Jazz Festivals VNJJ which was dedicated to the women of Afghanistan.

ZenneZ/Berthold records, november 2023
EAN 878-90-833214-1-7 / Catalogue number ZR2023023

Produced by Mark Alban Lotz
Recorded at Power Sound Studio Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2 & 3 May, 2022 by Jorris Wolff.
Mixed at CL-Audio Studio Berlin by CP July 2022
Mastered by Micha de Kanter

Artwork by Frauke Erichsen
Cover Foto by Andrew Quiltry
Foto Mark Lotz by Krijn van Noordwijk

Thanks to Buma/Stemra, VNJJ & Pieter Schoonderwoerd, Lourens van Haaften for the track order and Tammo Heikens for the recording of rain.

A portion of the proceeds from this album will be donated to Care Nederland.

JazzHalo (Belgium)

“A penetrating and equally distressing and serene musical tribute by the Mark Lotz top ensemble.”

Salt Peanuts (Norway)

“Captivating emotional power, beauty and elegance.”

Jazzbuzz (Greece)

“Deeply human approach.” 

Culture Jazz (France)

Sometimes buoyant and introspective, more rhythmic and combative at other times, but always expressive. The five members of the quintet demonstrate undeniable cohesion.”

La Habitation Del Jazz (Spain)

“On this album, the classical chamber sound meets European-style jazz. Mark Lotz once again demonstrates his qualities as an instrumentalist and composer.”

Jazzflits (The Netherlands)

“A musical pamphlet that makes you think.”

Valon Kuvia (Finland)

“Impressive example of music that crosses borders.”