CD ‘Globalistics’,

by Global Village Orchestra

The Global Village Orchestra brings 10 musicians together of 8 different nationalities. Senegalese and Turkish vocalizing, Balkanesque improvisations,  Indian and Uighurian flavors. A vital, exotic feast of color. 

Musicians Mola Sylla (vocals, m’bira, xalam and kongoma)

Behsat Üvez (vocals, saz, baglama, darbuka, davul, tef and kasik)

Kamil Abbas (violin, ghijak)

Mark Alban Lotz (piccollo, concert-, alto-, bass-, PVC contra bass flutes, bansuri)

Steven Kamperman (b-flat & e-flat clarinets)

Akos Laki (b-flat & bass clarinet, tenor sax)

Henk Spies (soprano & bass saxophone)

Karim Eharruyen (ud)

Tjitze Anne Vogel (double bass)

Afra Mussawissade (percussion-set, ghatam, cajon)


Jazz Now (USA)

“You should visit Lop Lop’s Web site last week if not sooner, and pick this up straightaway.” (USA)

“This tri-continental orchestra is a PC critic’s dream. There is something really deep and moving here.”

Jazz Review (USA)

“Embracing a celebration of life – a colorful cross-cultural sampling of musical compositions.”