CD ‘Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th’

by Mark Lotz / Islak Köpek

May 2010 Mark Alban Lotz had the opportunity to record and perform with some of the great exponents of the free improvising scene in Istanbul. Out of this came two albums. This album features next to ensemble improvisations duets and trios of Islak Köpek members with Lotz. Liner notes by Kevin Whitehead. The CD ‘Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5h‘ feature an ensemble around guitarist Umut Caglar.

Evil Rabbit Records 2011

Catalogue number ERR 16
Released September 2011
Recorded May 4’th 2010, Istanbul Turkey
Mixed & mastered by Micha de Kanter.


Mescalina (Italy)

Best of 2011 

Monsieur Delire (Canada)

“Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit.” (This music is slithering and shaking with life.”

Jazz Magazine (Swiss)

rated 4 stars
“Connection of different inputs from newest live-electronics up to John Cage and Free Jazz.” 

Jazzword (USA)

“Many of the city’s players are ready for prime time. Islak Köpek in toto is evidentially ready for more western exposure.” 

Jassepoes (Belgium)

rated five stars

Jazzscene (The Netherlands)

“Listening you become aware that some substantial music is being made here.” 

Jassepoes (Belgium)

“This is new improvised music from a very high level and an absolute must.”

Jazz (Portugal)

“Here is a common characteristic to all tracks: everything that happens, happens around lotz, and extremely well … .”