Live At Jazzcase

CD by Lotz Of Music

This recording documents the first live recording and the very first meeting of Lotz Of Music with Swiss clarinet player Claudio Puntin. Lotz Of Music performed two sets of more than one hour where the list of tunes formed a guideline for one big improvisation. 

Mark Alban Lotz • piccolo, c-, alt-, bass-, pvc contrabass flute, voice & fx
Claudio Puntin • clarinet, bass clarinet, jaw harp, voice & fx
Albert van Veenendaal • piano & prepared piano
Jörg Brinkmann • cello & fx
Alan Purves Gunga • drums, percussion, brim bram & surprising sound objects


His Voice (Czech Republic)

„This album is totally decadent!“

All About Jazz (USA)

“Chamber-music aspect with a basic danceability.”


“A colorful album full of musicality, playful finds, attractive sound combinations and fun.”

Tom Swift, Radio Nine (Canada)

„Incredibly tight quintet led by reed man Mark Alban Lotz“

Moors Magazine

“Seriously improvised and bloody tight music on the edge.”

Cadence (USA)

“This is one of Lotz’ finest.“

Salt Peanuts

“An intuitive and joyful journey into ancient and imagined, colorful territories.“