CD ‘mostly harmless …’

by Vogel/Lotz • t(w)o-do

Improvisations and compositions in jazz and contemporary music on flutes and acoustic bass. Debut on CD of Lotz with liner notes by Bert Noglik.

Edition Collage, Georg Löffler Musikverlag, München, Germany

Catalogue number EC 470-2.
Released 1994 


Trouw (The Netherlands)

“Spontaneous improvisations and adventurous interpretations. This CD puts an end to the prejudice around the soft and easy sounding flute.” 

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden (The Netherlands)

“This music is highly international, undogmatic and broadly informed.”

La Traversière (France)

“An absolutely remarkable discovery!” 

NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)

“Fantasy, sense for colours, drama and playfulness. Hearing this music you become fresh and joyous. It’s music to move to!”