CD ‘Odd Tango’

by Kamil Erdem Quartet

Crossover of Ottoman and Western musical traditions. With soloists from Istanbul and Holland. Lotz participated as co-initiator and composer.

Turkish AK label 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

Released in July 2008 

Recorded by Mark Lotz 2018 at the Studio De Smederij, Zeist, The Netherlands



“Bit by bit this piece of work is growing into a rock of intruiging actual music. Who knows maybe even ‘the’ jazz of the twenty-first century. A strong group.”

Volkskrant (2009)

“In the title piece Turkisch melismatisms are melting together with jazzy exploration impulse into a wonderfull Tango. Highlight is Ol Bosperus of Lotz with wringing glissandi out of the ud over a sultry groove.” 

Volkskrant (on concert 2007)

“Kamil Erdem with integral teamwork and virtuoso solos. An impressive performance.”